BOFURI Episode 3 Review

Bofuri3 Episode3

You Are What You Eat

Sally and Maple are back playing the game. Admittedly the rules have been tweaked a bit to actually stop Maple being completely broken with a limit on how many times she can use a skill and the addition of attacks that can actually hurt her despite her defense. But if anyone thought that was going to make the tone of this anime start to be a bit more serious than this episode most definitely proves that these girls are in the game for fun.


This week in Bofuri the girls decide to see a bit more of the first level before moving onto level 2. They also are trying to pick up a few more skills before the next event, which they learn while eating in a cafe begins next week. I’ve never really got the whole point of cafes in virtual worlds and the characters going all ga-ga over food they aren’t really eating, though I will admit that food looked good. And when they finally get to the second level, they eat some more only it is a truly special meal and one that has some interesting, if temporary, effects.


As for everything else, despite the low key nature of the tone, there’s yet another decent boss fight. It might be easy to overlook with so much of the time being spent with the girls just playing around but when the action scenes happen in this anime they actually look pretty good. Maple breaking through the defense of the enemy before getting knocked out was great to watch and Sally’s far more energetic fighting style came across beautifully in the sequence.

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There was also a bit of focus this week on introducing some of the other players and giving them a bit more of a personality. I suspect this will continue in future weeks. Despite the Sally/Maple duo being great fun to spend time with it would be great to see a bit more of some of the other players.


All and all, there’s no real complaints about Bofuri. It most definitely isn’t high stakes or dramatic but it is definitely doing fun and relaxed well. So far I’m loving the tone and I enjoy the dynamic between the two leads. Looking forward to more of this one.

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Karandi James

5 thoughts on “BOFURI Episode 3 Review

  1. It’s a funny they take the trouble to animate well the action scenes here, at least moreso than shows like Nanatsu no taizai are (A painful fact, considered that NNT IS an action show) even though it should only be a slice of life with video games girls where they are supposed to have fun.
    But my problem is the level of writing that is dead in this series. You can make an anime about fun mmo adventures without making the mc conveniently discover some super hax build and obtain cheat skills that none of the billion other players have ever seen at least the bare minimum of the kind of plot you’d find on a ed, edd n eddy episode could provide the thinnest whiff of substance to anchor and provide some direction.

    1. I feel the premise here is just meant to be a bit of fun and not really over thought because it doesn’t really hold up under any kind of scrutiny. Still, its fun to watch so I’m just enjoying it and trying not to over think it too much.

  2. Isn’t meant to be all senses VR like Sword Art Online, so that when eating, you actually get taste?

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