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I can’t help but think this entire season was just filler. Other than Rin learning to control his flames (which took way too long) and the other students finally getting over Rin being the son of Satan (though for some reason they don’t apply that same reasoning to Yukio) we’ve watched this whole season and nothing of substance has changed in either characters or plot. The few developments we’ve had could have been covered in about five minutes if they’d decided to move things along and so we’ve just had padded dialogue after overly dragged out action sequence.

However, I’ll save further complaints for the show as a whole for my whole season review and for now I’ll focus entirely on this episode, which was nothing. Other than one discussion with Mephisto where we got the very obvious hint that he’s the master mind behind pretty much everything and has some plan for Rin (which we knew forever ago), nothing happens in this episode. Unless you count Shiemi’s unintentional absolute rejection of Rin as anything other than a friend.


And no,  I don’t count this as a point. There was a discussion between Rin and Yukio but even they acknowledge they are just rehashing the same conversation at this point so why are they making the audience listen to it again. We get it. You two have different views. And Rin’s an idiot. Great. Move on already.

So yeah, as a final episode this one left me feeling pretty flat.

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9 thoughts on “Blue Exorcist Episode 37

  1. This season is canon, I have been following the manga, so I know. It disregarded some changes season 1 and followthe manga pretty well. This act is more about character development rather than action , so it seems very dull.

    1. But the characters didn’t really develop. Other than a tiny little bit of closure for Suguro, Rin is more or less where he started, Yukio seems still locked in his own struggle, the girls got next to no significant screen time, so really no one has really gone anywhere. It just feels like we spun our wheels for 12 episodes waiting for soemthing to happen that never came.

      1. Rin accepted his birthright, so he can start training as an exorcist. Suguro has the most development as well as Sima . Yukio is being tempted to the dark side, so we need to wait and see. The girls might get more screen time in season 3. If they try to fit every one in 12 episodes, it will be messy.

  2. I didn’t watch the anime but I was surprised to find out that the new season was only 12 episodes. For some reason I thought it would be at least 24-25. There’s also a rumor on the internet about Attack on Titan Season 2 getting only 13 episodes… Well, it’s not something confirmed yet and I really hope it’s not true because otherwise I will be very angry and disappointed.

    1. It hardly seems like they were serious about continuing this series when it only got 12 episodes and they didn’t do much with them. Oh well. I guess enough of us watched it anyway.

  3. I’m a fan of the manga and season one (despite the changes made in the anime adaptation of season), but I’ve found season two of the anime to be very dull. To be honest, I’m quite disappointed with it.

    1. It was really dull. I just don’t know what they were trying to achieve with that. After such a long break you would think if they were going to bring it back they’d do it with style.

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