Blue Exorcist Episode 36



The fragmented nature of this show continued this week with Yukio and Todo kind of finishing their fight (though Todo seems pretty unkillable at this point so not really sure if they are really done or not) and then Rin finally did something with his sword. This show is always at its best when we have the characters mid-action so the episode this week was actually kind of satisfying though still lacked any of the spectacle from season 1. Rin gaining some control was nice but the believe-in-yourself message just feel at odds with the overall tone of this show (though there is nothing new given it has been a persistent theme throughout). But, having not read the manga, my real question is what is the next episode going to focus on. There’s at least a half-dozen loose ends that could be dealt with but it doesn’t really have time for all of them given next week is meant to be the last episode. So either we’re hitting wait for the sequel territory or worse, read the manga.

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