Blue Exorcist Episode 33



After week’s of slow pacing and lots of sitting around talking, all of the main groups are now running around the mountains in an effort to contain the impure king (who’s eyes are apparently parts of the heart that got cut in two – did they not think through whether they were eyes or not when they started this story?). Anyway, we get a touching father-son reunion (and of course, father isn’t already dead from blood loss and the demon that got eaten has also recovered because its a phoenix – no plot armour here).


Other than that we’ve got Yukio who mid-fight saw some sort of weird light through the trees and went solo to investigate it rather than taking any assistance and now he’s seriously getting beaten down (physically and emotionally). I’m pretty certainĀ  we’re about to see all the clunky foreshadowing and warnings Yukio has been given this season come to light and that might even be interesting. At least Yukio might develop a personality other than serious and brooding.

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5 thoughts on “Blue Exorcist Episode 33

    1. Disappointed is probably a good description for how this series is being recieved. While I haven’t read the manga and wasn’t the biggest fan of season 1 (enjoyed it well enough), I kind of expected season 2 to at least still be fun and entertaining to watch with a few darker moments to build tension. Instead we have characters continually having group chats and very little of interest happening.

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