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I’ve had a lot of complaints about this second season so far and this episode isn’t totally immune from the criticisms that have so far plagued this series. Everyone still needs to have a group chat before doing anything. Yukio has returned to the story but his input so far has been pretty unspectacular.


Oh, and we still don’t know why the impure king is a big deal other than he’s related to the king of rot (whatever that is) and Mephisto seems to think Kyoto is in trouble, though doesn’t seem to care.


By the way, did we really need a self-aware comment on Mephisto’s return to the story? This series has been flat and disappointing without any of the spark or energy of season one. Lame, self-aware jokes at this stage aren’t helping the situation.

Despite that, this episode is an improvement. Over the course fo the episode Rin is sentenced to death and thrown into a prison that is mean to be impenetrable, but that title is incredibly misleading. The other students sneak in and try to save him but it is only Shiemi who makes it into the prison to speak with Rin. It’s actually quite a touching scene and hopefully these two actually get more moments like this because its the right amount of emotion surrounded by violence to keep things interesting.

Meanwhile, the other exorcists are all running around prepping for a confrontation with the impure king and getting vaccinations. There’s a lot of movement and while we aren’t yet at the fight, this whole episode seemed to have a lot more purpose and drive than the ones before it.

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