Blue Exorcist Episode 31



We continue letter reading and see how Fujimoto is awesome (always) and somehow ended up with the sword and a friend. We also learn the secret of the Myodo (which isn’t that secret or hard to figure out really) but we do learn why the head priest always seems like a complete ass. Kind of what happens when you make deals with demons who want paranoia, secrets and lies as their meal. That aside, the impure king has been released but that almost felt like a side story given the events immediately following it so now I’m not sure if we’re supposed to care about the king being revived or if its the other guy who we’re supposed to be concerned about. Either way, Rin and friends are still just sitting around so not a lot happening there. It kind of feels we are finally over the set up now and maybe we can get moving but all and all this has been a very slow start to a show that is technically supposed to be an action.

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3 thoughts on “Blue Exorcist Episode 31

  1. Fujimoto will always be awesome.

    So far, reading your thoughts have made me glad that I decided not to keep up with this.

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