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After three episodes of mostly teen angst, we finally get back to the whole someone stealing the eye thing and of course it’s the girl who got told one thing one time and decides it is an absolute regardless of evidence of lack of it. It’s amazing how easy it is to convince yourself of something when you perceive every event through the lens that what you think is true and you find a way to distort all the facts to fit that truth. I mean, she might be right, it isn’t like I think the superiors in the church are actually trustworthy given they all seem to have their own agendas, but it just seems that trusting Todo is a terrible idea.

Rin of course finaly figures out some basic flame control (thank goodness because I’m sick of sitting on the roof with him watching him destroy candles).


And then of course loses control when confronting Bon about his father issues. It’s great that we’re reminded that Fujimoto was important to Rin and Rin is still harbouring guilt around his death, but when he interprets everyone else’s relationship through that lens it becomes irritating. Just because you’ve been through trauma does not give you the right to dictate the actions of others and while superficially the circumstances between Bon and his father seem similar, Rin is seriously butting in where he’s not needed. This is one of my pet hate character traits when watching anime. In honesty, I was happy when he got knocked out cold.

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5 thoughts on “Blue Exorcist Episode 29

  1. “Just because you’ve been through trauma does not give you the right to dictate the actions of others”

    I agree so hard. People have a tendency to see relationships – especially family relationships – on the base of their own experiences and/or regrets, and while that kind of emotional response is understandable to an extent, a lot of folks need to get it into their heads that each person’s relationships with others are different and their own damn business. /rant over.

    1. This is why I’m not a big fan of Erin in Attack on Titan. He insists people should see the world his way and it annoys me. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Rin in season 1 and this episode really didn’t give me much reason to re-evaluate Rin.

      1. Yeah, that attribute of Eren’s annoyed me at first too, especially in the training episode. He gets better though. I think he stops preaching to others after he turns into a titan.

        Rin had just enough charm to keep me interested all through season 1 but I honestly don’t know if I want to brave another season. From what you say,it seems like his character development is taking its sweet time coming.

        1. It’s a shame because conceptually I like Blue Exorcist and I actually really enjoy certain episodes and stories within it. The overall series though is kind of just okay for me because there is a lot of time inbetween those moments and the characters just don’t win me over enough for this to work.

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