Blue Exorcist Episode 26



Second season of Blue Exorcist. Rin and his twin brother were raised by a priest who was then killed by Satan. Turns out Satan is their father and Rin has inherited his power. Now he’s training as an exorcist.


This first episode of season 2 continues pretty much straight on from the first season and the movie so if you haven’t watched them, do that first. That said, even if you haven’t, they kind of catch you up on enough that you might be able to pick the story up here. We’re straight into action with the exorcists having trouble with a thief and Yukio is called in. Rin, of course, tags along and we get some fun brother bonding (read a lot of angst as both of them feel inadequate compared to the other – a problem which  they could solve by occasionally having an actual conversation).


Anyway, if you liked season 1 this feels more or less the same. Loud characters, action set pieces, and a whole bunch of pseudo-religious nonsense flying about the place. I’m not the biggest fan of the show but don’t dislike it so I’m happy enough to hop on board for a season 2.

Blue Exorcist is available on AnimeLab.

5 thoughts on “Blue Exorcist Episode 26

  1. I kinda changed my mind about watching this. I liked s1 but I also liked how it ended so a new season that has reversed a lot of that isn’t something I’m eager to jump on. Not yet anyway. I’ll just focus on finishing Natsume Yuujinchou for now.

    I will be following your reviews though.

  2. I felt like everything was new, mostly coz I forgot where it ended. In my mind it was like everyone had come to a consensus with the fact that they are the son of Satan, and made up at thd end of season 1.. That was Until I saw the first episode of this season. Guess it’s been really a long gap to continue this ✌.

    1. I hadn’t realised how long it had been until I started watching and then realised how little I remembered of the characters. It kind of came back to me but still it was quite confusing for awhile.

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