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Mi Liu and a group of Bloodivores (probably vampires but after episode 1 it becomes entirely unnecessary to care as this plays no significant role in the show) break into a bank to steal something. Things go awry and they are taken in by the police and charged with the murder of the hostages (though they claim they didn’t do it – the murder not the robbery). Β Then the prison transport is attacked and instead of jail they end up somewhere else where we will spend the rest of the series watching them run from one unlikely and unexplained situation to the next. I reviewed this week to week if you wanted to check out my thoughts.


Wow, it has been awhile since I’ve been quite that sarcastic in an overview. The issue is this show is not well written, or well animated, nor does it have compelling characters, interesting themes or a stunning resolution. What we have here is a concept that probably sounded great in planning and then was executed like a group of children were fighting over the keyboard as they came up with increasingly silly ideas to stuff into a show that was trying so hard to be cool and maybe even edge and failed to even rise above inoffensive nothingness.


I’m going to start with the animation because I so rarely criticize this aspect of a show. I’m fairly happy to watch still images as long as there’s a good story and compelling voice acting so I’m not overly critical of this. But Bloodivores is not just average, it is bad. Just watch the initial car chase where they are pumping the music at you as they sit in the car and desperately try to make you believe these characters are cool and hip while the only reason you know the car is speeding at all is because they show you the speedometer. Yep. No sense of haste otherwise. This is almost as bad as if a character had just leaned over and said ‘you’re going fast’. You don’t feel any sense of tension or movement and visually it isn’t there. This is a common feature in all of the fight sequences where things look like they are moving very slowly (and no it isn’t a slow-mo effect it is just badly done). Plus character eyes and expressions regularly look wrong, arms move independently of shoulders, and characters move in highly unnatural ways. It is jarring and off-putting and does not help the others mediocre story being told.


The cast of characters are incredibly dull. We learn all but nothing about them and they have no distinguishing personality traits. Seriously I can kind of only tell them apart because they had different hair colours and each one kind of had a signature outfit for most of the show. Most of these characters don’t do anything. Mi Liu is the most proactive of the bunch and after careful reflection I’ve decided he’s probably one of the most moronic main characters I’ve come across in recent history. He blithely makes assumptions and passes these off as facts or at least theories and his plans are so full of holes you don’t get surprised when things fall apart, you wonder why it took so long. None of the other characters contribute much of anything other than occasional noise, fight or rescue sequences, or give someone for Mi Liu to babble at and they are all pretty forgettable.


I’m not even going to bother with plot. There is a story but we are still completely in the dark about anything at seasons end and to be honest it isn’t compelling enough to make me want to know what happens. Personally, I hope the monsters eat them all.


Last point before I end this vaguely ranty review. If you name a show Bloodivores, and make a big deal in episode 1 about how Bloodivores came to be, maybe the characters being Bloodivores should occasionally come up as a significant plot point rather than as an excuse to give them super powers.

Recommendation – avoid. It isn’t as broken as something like Big Order or Taboo Tattoo but it is definitely a time suck most people don’t need.

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    1. Thanks.
      Yes, I’m glad this is over though the lack of ending makes me suspect they either want us to read source material or they think they are getting a season 2 and either thought makes me laugh.

  1. I was interested in this because of the title. I once read a book with a similar name and it turned out to be a great take on vampires. This anime, I’m guessing, did nothing of the sort. Is it ever explained at all why they’re called that? Do they have any vampiric features or is it just a random name?

    1. There are some vampiric features talked about in episode one and there’s one episode where a character gets a blood transfusion and goes a little crazy but otherwise, nope. They might as well be ordinary kids who occasionally demonstrate super powers.

      1. I don’t know what it was about the title that made me skip right over it, honestly. It just did. Which is weird, as usually I don’t pay much mind to the title. Maybe I just wasn’t in the frame of mind for something that sounded like vampires.

  2. Haha, I always like it when you are being sarcastic in a review. It always makes me laugh. That said, it comes as no big surprise. Having read your weekly reviews for it, where you were not so positive about it, it would be weird if you were in this complete review πŸ˜€ Great post, and always greatful when, for a change, I don’t have to add something to my ” to watch novel” πŸ˜€

    1. Nope, definitely not one to add to the watch list. I have read some positive reviews of this show but I just can’t seen any point in watching this one.

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