Bloodivores Episodes 4


At least someone is asking what happened to all these missing Bloodivores. It doesn’t look like he’s actually going to find an answer any time soon (and I’m pretty sure that they are setting him up to get in over his head and then killed) but at least someone is asking.

That said, our Bloodivores aren’t really doing all that much this episode. We get back to the other two members of the main group as they flash back on childhood memories, one of them goes into shock after actually killing someone (and why didn’t his collar activate?) and the other comes up with a reckless plan to save the day (though we don’t see him execute this and those guys are pretty much exactly where they started at the beginning of the episode). Meanwhile Mi Liu and Anji talk som rubbish about intersections of time (I don’t have issues with theorising but they are basing this on nothing other than a ‘feeling’) before getting chased around and injured by the monster things and their tag-along reveals her true colours. Kind of hoping she actually died but as they moved her off-screen I guess we won’t know until she either shows up or doesn’t later.  And why is Mi Liu so fixated on Anji? Answers? Anyone?

All and all, this sounds like it should be interesting to watch but it isn’t. Between the animation itself being questionable (watch Mi Liu turn his head to talk to the girls behind him, it is strange), the pace of the story non-existent (seriously, our characters may as well be in exactly the same predicament they were last week by the end of this), and other than flashbacks we’ve had no character development to speak of, and all and all, Bloodivores is going nowhere fast but it also isn’t getting any worse. It’s a watchable though not particularly enjoyable anime.

Bloodivores is available on Crunchyroll.

4 thoughts on “Bloodivores Episodes 4

  1. I have no idea why I’m even still watching this. I will say the show I getting midly better, if tonoly confused as hell.

  2. Keep on truckin’ I suppose. I mean you made it this far. I’ll keep reading about it if you keep writing. Maybe I’ll catch up with you and have myself a bit of a giggle. Any way, good read as always.

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