Bloodivores Episode 9


“If you’re not with me than you’re against me.” Okay, not exactly what orange haired guy who is overly strong said, but close enough to capture the sentiment because why not have two separate factions of inmates fighting it out for no reason while being trapped in a possible parallel dimension with exploding collars while being hunted by monsters? Why not?

Right, reviewing this episode. Stuff happened. Mi Liu and shirtless guy caught up with the other group of prisoners, exchanged words with ex-childhood friend who is certainly going to go back to their group at some point (or die pointlessly, either way) and then met with the leader of said group. After a bit of pleasantries were exchanged such as Mi Liu asking for weapons, orange haired guy asked Mi Liu to join him which Mi Liu refused without actually knowing what orange haired guy is up to (though clearly he’s shady so maybe that was the right choice). This results in a quick and fairly pointless action sequence which then shows us Mi Liu is still pretty quick at running away.

All of that is fine enough. Pacing and delivery need work and it would help if I cared about some of these characters but it works. The real issues come with the other side of the story where Anji is witnessing Lee Shin’s power awakening. Just making wind whirls doesn’t equal cool action sequence and how would you even use a sword that pushed its way out of your shoulder? The idea was fine once again but the delivery dreadful stealing any tension from the scene.

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3 thoughts on “Bloodivores Episode 9

  1. The show is slowly progressing. The stuff they are doing on Anji’s side is completely nonsense but on Mi Liu’s side is actually quite interesting.

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