Bloodivores Episode 8


Bloodivores consistently manages to destroy any reason to care about the characters or the show. We have two lackeys this week who encounter Mi Liu on his way to investigate some random room that apparently the others found the week before but they didn’t bother to tell us about it then and we only realise it exists because of a flashback. Anyway, I’ll get back to the room later. The two lackeys are both unceremoniously killed before the end of this episode so don’t bother worrying about whether you’ve seen them before or who they actually are or why they existed at all.

The room is kind of interesting (other than it seems like a plot device dropped in at the last minute). However, assuming that it was where Yaya came from or that anything in a melting room (or a room that already melted) might give you a hint as to how to get out is a really large assumption and kind of confirms that Mi Liu likes to sound confident and look like he has a plan but really he’s just making stuff up as he goes.

Bloodivores is available on Crunchryoll should you want to get on board this anime that has clearly decided not to try to rise above its ho-hum opening episodes. With 4 episodes to go we’re either not getting a resolution to anything or we’re going to get a really rushed mess of a resolution and I don’t actually know which would be worse at this point.

6 thoughts on “Bloodivores Episode 8

  1. Not sure if I can trust you on Bloodivores this week. Crunchyroll sent me an email telling me how wonderful the show is and that it just can’t be missed :p

    1. They sent me the same email and I sent it to the trash.
      Just like when they sent me an email telling me I couldn’t miss some show and then it was region locked so I couldn’t access it at all.

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