Bloodivores Episode 3


This has been the best episode so far in this series (though episodes 1 and 2) didn’t set the bar particularly high. Though they never managed to actually get me to feel worried for any of the characters, I’m at least now mildly interested in a couple of them which is more than they had going for them before. I’m also a little bit more intrigued about Aori and what it actually is because it’s starting to look more like another dimension and that would just be weird. Anyway, two things I learned during the start of this episode. If someone tells you they are an assassin and have an arsenal of blades, be nice to them. Secondly, if an explosion knocks down a whole bunch of stuff from the roof it will only fall on monsters.  Clearly, I’m not dropping this yet but I hope it can continue to improve and maybe I’ll eventually genuinely care if these guys ever escape.

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14 thoughts on “Bloodivores Episode 3

  1. I’ve already dropped this one, but it’s interesting that it’s starting to pick up. Perhaps I was too hasty?

    I’ll keep an eye on your reviews, they’re a good barometer 😛

    1. Somehow I am doubting you’ve made the wrong choice. I’m pretty sure in two week’s time I’m going to be cursing myself for passing the point of no return and having commited to finishing this.

  2. Thank you for watching this show so the rest of us don’t have to. I have this sort of bizarre fascination with Bloodivores though; if it turns out to stay super train-wreck bad I may actually watch the series.

    1. So far it hasn’t been bad enough to really get that kind of endorsement though. It’s more just kind of dull as they present reasonable but unfocussed ideas in a way that lacks tension.

      1. I definitely admire your dedication in continuing to watch it then! Good shows are obviously enjoyable, terrible shows can be fun in their own way, but mediocre shows tend to be just plain disappointing.

    1. Now I’m sure someone else is watching it. Okay, struggling to think of anyone else doing a write up on it this season, but I’m sure someone else is.

        1. Good luck with that. I’m still thinking this one is going to be a challenge to finish but I’m too curious to see where it goes (if it goes anywhere) to stop.

          1. I gotta give the show credit on that front.

            At least it’s keeping us interested enough to see where it’ll wind up.

            Probably nowhere, like Big Order, but we’ll see!

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