Bloodivores Episode 2


This may be my last episode review of this if the show doesn’t significantly improve early next episode. Mostly because I am bored. Half-hearted incomplete explanation followed by flashing cameras (that you just knew were going to transition back into the gun fire from last episode because they weren’t exactly being subtle with the visuals) and then we wake up in a cell (kind of). Introduce extras who are given about as much personality as mobs in prisons usually get before we introduce wholesale slaughter and wipe out almost all of said extras. It’s sloppy writing and its using sensationalism as a replacement for actual tension or excitement. The only moment that even really interested me was when the guy’s head blew up and you could see that coming a mile a way but it didn’t stop it being entertaining in a B Grade kind of amusing way. The other issue being they’ve already started a pattern of ending on a semi-sensationlist note to try somehow to convince you that you have to watch the next episode. Last week they open fire into the prison van and this week… well you can find out where they leave us if you make it through the episode. My biggest question: Why did we need to Anji’s? I’ll start episode 3 but this one is definitely on notice.

Bloodivores is available on Crunchyroll.

8 thoughts on “Bloodivores Episode 2

  1. I dropped this anime after this episode. For the reasons you stated above, and that really disgusting scene where the men were about ready to fight over the women. Couldn’t continue with it, the story isn’t good enough to make up for that.

  2. The insubstantial plot, shoddy writing, dull characters and poor animation meant I couldn’t even make it through all of the second episode. You’ve got better endurance than me, haha.

    Could this be fall’s Taboo Tattoo.

    1. Yeah, I made that prediction and at episode 3 I’m sure of it but alas it improved just enough that I won’t drop it and I’ll probably spend the rest of the season regretting that choice.

  3. I intend to do a write up on my own impressions of this sometime this week (a little late, since I’ve got some bigger posts in the works), but I more or less agree with you on this one.

    It’s been a massive disappointment so far and it’s getting hard to sit through. Everything about it just feels dry and soulless.

    Thanks for your thoughts πŸ™‚

    1. Dry and souless is probably the best description I’ve heard of it yet. I keep hearing that it is bad or awful, but it actually isn’t. Everything in it works it just isn’t interesting. Looking forward to your write up.

      1. Yeah those are my thoughts exactly.

        As a whole, the show at least works, but there’s just no creative energy behind it at all and it’s just so dull.

        I guess it doesn’t help that we get a show like this almost every season, with many of them just being flat out better for one reason or another.

        And thanks, I’m aiming to get it up tonight after work, so stay tuned πŸ˜€

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