Bloodivores Episode 11


So unless I misread it, this show has one more episode and there’s no chance at all that we’ll get answers to the great mysteries underlying the series. We spend most of this week attempting to first stab and then blow up Lee Shin (because he totally deserves it). In this fight we regularly defy the laws of physics or common sense. While Mi Liu may be able to reverse his own gravity and do some of the moves he is pulling off, I somehow doubt that being able to create swords suddenly made Lee Shin a gravity defying spinning top.  In addition to that bit of ‘what the’ we also get inconsistent wounds. Was anyone else wondering why the guy who’s shoulder was skewered continued to run around with a sword hanging out of him for over half the episode? More importantly, why wasn’t he bleeding? And then Mi Liu hits the ground and is supposedly unconscious and there’s a pool of blood. Stands up and has a minor wound on his head. What generated that pool of blood when having your shoulder impaled doesn’t seem to bleed at all? Anyway, I won’t be sorry to see the end of this show but I am kind of annoyed that I’ll never know what the point of it was.

Don’t mind the sword sticking out of me.

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10 thoughts on “Bloodivores Episode 11

  1. Haha! Lol! I had similar thoughts running through my head during this episode. It had an interesting premise in the beginning coupled with a low, low number of redeeming moments but, sadly, in the end it only served to make my disappointment worse. I’m not even sure why I watch every week anymore. That train wreak effect maybe?

  2. Lmao I was wondering the same thing. Not to mention Lee Shin actually slowed down his falling speed with “sword wings” that should have made him heavier XD In one way I don’t mind a sequel but in another, I’m really not looking forward to it. It was watchable while it lasted and I actually prefer it over Kiss Him Not Me <.<

    1. Unless it was all a dream or they kill all the characters there is just no way to wrap this up. It is almost definitely setting up for a season 2 I will never watch.

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