Top 5 Blonde Anime Girls

Top 5 Blonde Anime Girls - List

Well I’ve counted out my top 5 red-haired characters and looked at lovely ladies with blue-hair but today we are looking at my top 5 blonde anime girls. Now this list has undergone a few revisions over the years most recently last November, but the Winter 2022 season gave me a character I just had to mention.

And that sadly knocked our favourite moon princess, Sailor Moon, right off the list.

As always, I’d love to know which characters would appear on your list so feel free to leave a comment sharing your favourite blonde anime girls.

Who are my top 5 blonde anime girls?

Number 5: Amber from Darker Than Black

Amber in Darker Than Black is a bit of an enigma because she’s only really in flashbacks until the second half and even then she is in and out of the show. That said, I like her character. She plays everything very casually even while she’s probably the only character with the full picture of what is really going on. And she makes some really hard choices and pays the price for them.

While I still feel she might have clued some of the other characters in a bit earlier, she has sound reasoning for her actions in the end and she seems to genuinely respect Hei’s final decision in the series. Amber, for taking on everything and doing it with a smile, you have taken the fourth position as one of my favourite blonde anime girls.

Number 4: Riza Hawkeye from Full Metal Alchemist

What’s not to love about Riza no matter which version of Full Metal Alchemist you are watching? She likes dogs, she’s the only one who can really deal with Colonel Mustang, she’s a crack shot, and she’s a hard worker. Add to that she’s also a voice of reason and logic and occasionally a motherly figure to the younger characters, and she’s just all kinds of amazing. If I ever do a best supporting character list, Riza is going to be on it.

Number 3: Utau Hoshina from Shugo Chara

She’s an idol with not one, but two guardian characters that take the form of an angel and a devil. Early on in Shugo Chara, Utau works against our protagonists and only uses Iru (the devil guardian). Later on she accepts Eru (the angel) and she begins building herself up from scratch as an idol and a person.

Other than her brother complex, Utau is a fascinating character and a good rival for Amu early in the series. She’s also pretty awesome as an idol even if she does use her powers for evil early on. As a character, Utau experiences the best growth and development in this series.

Number 2: Marin from My Dress Up Darling

Dress Up Ep6 1

How could I not add this adorable and expressive would-be cosplayer to the list of awesome blonde haired anime ladies. Marin from My Dress Up Darling is truly fun to watch in action and any given episode has her pulling dozens of wonderfully emotive expressions.

That she is also just a truly lovely person just makes every episode with her a joy.

Number 1: Maka Albarn from Soul Eater

Maka Blonde Anime Girl

It had to be Maka from Soul Eater. She’s one of my all time favourite characters and she’s just plain awesome. She hits the books, fights with a scythe, and is still a genuinely nice person who is able to make a real connection with Crona who is need of human contact.


Unlike so many heroes, Maka isn’t just strong because she is. She’s actually probably the weakest in the group we follow, but she is an incredibly hard worker and very determined to succeed. Even Maka going crazy is highly entertaining.  Oh, and don’t make her mad when she’s carrying a book or you will get hit with the dread Maka chop.

Top 5 Blonde Anime Girls - List

And that’s my list. As I said, feel free to add your own suggestions to the list in the comments below and let me know what you think of my selections.

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31 thoughts on “Top 5 Blonde Anime Girls

    1. She is indeed and I really hope one day Soul Eater gets a reboot because so many great characters there are currentlu under appreciated and the emd of the current anime is kind of an issue when it comes to recommending it.

      1. Fair indeed. I don’t care for the ending either, really. Though I tend to still recommend the anime regardless since it’s so much fun up to that last few episodes, for the most part. I just attach a warning to that recommendation.

  1. Asuna, Kaori Miyazono (Your Lie In April), Emma (Promised Neverland), Tsumugi Insazuka (Sweetness & Lightning), Rin Kaga (Bunny Drop).

    Though honestly I was tempted to simply list Asuna five times…

      1. I was more imagining the force of 5 “I’ve love him but JEEZ” eyerolls the next time Kirito does something brave but exceedingly stupid.

  2. Saber: (Fate Series) King of Knights who wields the Sword of Promised victory. What can be said about her. She is plain kick ass and the only thing that keeps Shiro alive in the original series. She also fought a rooftop duel against Rider’s noble Pegasus, fought an Assassin Samurai and was the only one who could hold her own against the mighty King of Heroes and his powerful Ea of ultimate destruction. That’s just in the original Fate/Stay Night. Not including all the duels and battle she fought in Zero. It’s a shame the Unlimited Bladeworks remake decided not have her fight Gilgamesh again. It was a waste of of two opposing and powerful forces.

    Seras Victoria: (Hellsing/Hellsing Ultimate) Let’s be fair she starts off as a meek little police girl who doesn’t want to give into her vampiric cravings. Once she she finally does however and she access her true powers as Alucard’s Draculina woe be to any who stand in her way. She is force to be reckoned with and may one day become a No Life Queen.

    Number 18: (Dragonball Series) Artificial Human (Android in the English dub) whose body was enhanced to provide great strength. In an alternate time her and her twin are responsible for end of the world. In the canon timeline they humiliate Super Saiyan Vegeta and Future Trunks brushing them aside like they were nothing and not even bothering to finish them off. While it’s true as soon as the Cell Arc is over she is wasted as a character (Toriyama is terrible with using women who aren’t named Bulma) in her glory days she was a forced to be reckoned with that easily crushed the power that overthrew a galactic overlord and shattered Vegeta’s pride.

    Aisha Clan Clan: (Outlaw Star) An immortal Ctarl Ctarl and beast woman. Has the strength of ten men in her human form. Able to overpower almost any obstacle with brute force. Despite this she is actually very cute and lovable once she joins the crew of the Outlaw Star and forms a very protective bond with them. If enraged she can transform into a she wolf (though it looks more like a tiger) which multiples her powers tremendously. This done a few times during the show with great fanfare. One of my all time favorites for her strength, beauty, and good heart. See her transform once and tell you’ll forget her.

    Ferris: (Legend of Legendary Heroes) Expert swordswoman with extraordinary strength and speed tasked with escorting the lazy scholar Ryner Lute about the land looking for hero relics. Similar to Saber with excellent skills in the sword however her sword is not magical. She is mostly used for comedic purposes when not in a fight and often calls her traveling companion a sex crazed manic. Also tells her sister wild inflated tales about men to keep her pure.

  3. I would have to put Kaori from Your Lie in April at the top of my list. She was a huge part of what made that show so memorable and incredible for me

  4. Most of the character’s on this list I don’t know, but for me it is Annie from Attack on Titan who is number one. Yes she is veilig but I also think she is kind of tragic as well. That said,she is an incredibly strong and powerful female…and she has the ability to transform into a Titan…nuff said 😂😂

  5. Of the characters that made the cut, I’m only familiar with Amber. She’s great and the anime became way more interesting once she showed up.

  6. Nice list! 🙂 Riza is one of my favourites as well. She’s such a bad ass. 🙂 But, I also really like Miria from Baccano! and Seras from Hellsing Ultimate. Miria is all fun and laughs and I really like her banter with Isaac. They’re a nice pair of kind idiots! And Seras, well it’s Hellsing so she’s a crazy psycho every now and then and that’s why I like her.

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