Big Order Episode 9


It’s actually a shame that with only one episode left to go, Big Order finally found some actual coherence. Also a shame that despite the last two episodes making sense in their own right, the series as a whole is still a non-sensical mess. Finally, it’s a shame that at this point all of the characters are equally unlikable and to be perfectly honest, Gennai’s vision for the future of the world doesn’t seem that objectionable when contrasted with what Eiji, our protagonist, seems to want, which is to suffer. I’m never in a million years going to recommend this show to anyone, but I honestly quite enjoyed this episode and am curious as to how next week will end.

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5 thoughts on “Big Order Episode 9

  1. so my understanding of gennai’s end game was that he’d be creating a reality in which every time you wish for something, you spawn a universe where that wish is granted. meaning that there will be a version of you somewhere that has the wish granted. but if that’s the case, why do i care whether stuff is better off for that guy?

    1. Yeah, it doesn’t seem like a brilliant plan. But nor does it seem like it is something worth fighting against. And how does he know that’s how it’s going to work? It all jsut seems a bit… stupid?

  2. I’m more annoyed because the show decided to go from intriguing to super funny over-the-top nonsense and then to super serious. You never truly get to settle in with this show.

    1. That’s true. It hasn’t picked a tone and it hasn’t really delivered on any of the tones it has tried particularly well (sorry, that sentence was kind of a mess). Besides, it had such an amazingly over-the-top and dramatic first episode and then it just kind of fizzled.

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