Big Order Episode 8


Severed limbs, girls eating way too much food, and plots gone awry; Big Order episode 8 does little to resolve the overall issues of the series in terms of pacing, characterisation or coherence. That said, it kind of feels like we have an actual villain to face off against with a reasonably straight-forward goal, though it seems to have been plucked at random from the things villains do in fantasy novels barrel. Seriously, using Ley Lines to create a natural whatever coil and somehow use the public’s hatred of Eiji to achieve some goal that is as yet really unspecified but sounds kind of bad?

Let’s be honest, if you’ve watched 8 episodes of this show, you will probably watch it through to the end at this point. If you haven’t started watching, I strongly recommend you don’t because at this point there is little to nothing to recommend this show except the occasional interesting bit of background music.

Big Order is available on Crunchyroll.

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