Big Order Episode 7


How does a show become this much of a mess in only 7 episodes? You can’t trust anything anybody says – and not in a clever or subversive way. It’s more that it feels like the writers just keep changing their minds about what actually happened so make random statements and then have to rush around clarifying with details that just make no sense. What was the point of the flashback? All I really got from it was that Hiiragi has pretty much always been a bit of a space case and really shouldn’t be in charge of anything, but we already figured that out.

Oh, and somehow Sena has developed an actual personality besides loving her brother. Sure. Why not?

Big Order is available on Crunchyroll, though I strongly don’t recommend beginning this series if you haven’t already subjected yourself to it. Why haven’t I dropped it? Because it isn’t boring me it’s just annoying me. I can put up with mess so long as it is interesting and Big Order does manage to come up with new and fascinating bizareness each week.

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