Big Order Episode 6


So I know I said I was going to drop this and just stop reviewing it, but then I went and watched episode 6 anyway. I’m going to give Big Order credit for finally giving us an episode that didn’t feel the need to flip-flop between directions continuously. We stayed pretty much with Eiji and Iyo and watched them take on a ridiculous challenge for no real reason other than to make the title of the episode make sense. Eiji is still a dense fool and Iyo is perplexing in her pursuit of him. And those in it for fan service will probably curse the mysterious beams of sunlight that seem to penetrate even underground caves.

The story is still not good but this episode actually isn’t bad. I think this show is just going to string me along until the very end.

Big Order is available on Crunchyroll.

3 thoughts on “Big Order Episode 6

  1. It’s at least worth finishing to see how badly it turns up. I mean this episode was better then the last ones but it was still bad. This show continues to entertain though.

    The light beams are the only way they can get people to buy the Blu-Rays for this show!

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