Big Order Episode 4


Everyone has a wish. When he was a child Eiji made a wish and it almost destroyed the world. Ten years later there are many people who had wished for power ‘Orders’ and they are hated by everyone else.


Why is everyone in this show crazily illogical? Forget the absurd events in episode 2 and 3, and let’s just think about episode 4. One character wants to kill Eiji, so she’ll protect him from being killed. Another character wants to kill Eiji and so she’ll allow herself to be killed without any guarantee of his death. Other characters want to kill Eiji so they’ll throw rocks at a clearly unbreakable barrier. And, hey, somehow the UN is going to authorise dropping nuclear weapons on a location that hasn’t been evacuated. This show just keeps getting worse.

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6 thoughts on “Big Order Episode 4

  1. You forgot the part where the guy literally destroys a nuke by punching it.

    You just gotta roll with what this show throws at ya and laugh away.

    1. What happens if the guy who destroys things on the atomic level with a punch were to punch the crazy girl? Would she be dead or would she reincarnate? Sorry, I’m struggling with the character names due to really not being able to get that into the show.

      1. Huh…I’m assuming Rin can’t die no matter what. I mean look at all that stuff she survived in episode 2 or 3 (the one with her dying montage). But the “strongest ever” guy literally made the nuke turn into nothing so maybe if Rin’s body completely disintegrated…I dunno this show makes no sense if you start to think about it too much. It also doesn’t make sense if you don’t think about.

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