Beware The Dull and Languid Pacing

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Boogiepop wa Warawanai Episode 6 Review

So stuff keeps happening and this arc is at least easy enough to follow but what that makes really clear is that these character are not interesting and the pace is painfully slow. If you enjoy standing on roofs or at gates watching characters talk this one might grab you but otherwise there’s a lot of waiting for uninteresting characters to do fairly ordinary things and meanwhile there’s a mystery that remains more or less in the background never getting the focus it deserves.

Boogiepop wa Warawanai Episode 6

To say that this story still hasn’t grabbed me six episodes in would be an understatement. While the first arc can look at its disjointed narrative structure as a reason things didn’t click, this second arc can’t really hide behind that because while we are perspective jumping here the plot itself is relatively easy to follow. What isn’t working is that none of these characters have made any kind of impact and they all stand around talking a lot.

Boogiepop wa Warawanai Episode 6

And this isn’t normal conversation or ever quirky and interesting conversation. They discuss book quotes, hypothetical situations, philosophy, but rarely does anyone have a conversation that actually just gets to a point or moves directly from point a to b. Again, this is a stylistic choice and some anime have managed to make unnatural and stilted dialogue work just fine for them, but here it just bores me so much watching these barely moving characters speaking in flat tones at one another.

Boogiepop wa Warawanai Episode 6

The only thing this anime has going for it is the basic mystery of what is going on with Boogiepop and these other supernatural elements. It isn’t much at this point, but it is keeping me from dropping this.

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5 thoughts on “Beware The Dull and Languid Pacing

  1. Honestly, the anime just took the very basic plot of the book and threw all the nuanced and humane parts of the series out of the window. The result is a bland and soulless show that is just unconventional. It can’t even create the atmosphere, while the books have a more powerful atmosphere than most works of audiovisual medium with nothing more than texts. The illustrations are just extra spices.

      1. Yeah, I’m so disappointed. I expected better from such a renowned studio adapting such an important work for both of the mediums. Well, at least it gained some new exposure for the books. I highly recommend checking the novels out if you’re into reading. It’s one of my most favorite franchise ever, and is ingenious on so many layers that it’s mind boggling. The anime is just following the plot and structure without a shred of understanding regarding their significance.

    1. Some people are enjoying this one. For me it just isn’t clicking and honestly it is sitting close to the bottom of my watch list this season in terms of how eager I am to keep watching. That said, this season is pretty strong and even the shows I like the least have some positive attributes.

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