Time to Vote on The Best Anime of The Year That Was 2019

You, my wonderful readers, have had your say each season picking the best of the best to go head to head in this final poll. Which anime will be names the best of the year? Only you can decide. However, unlike the season polls, this time you can only choose one. Think hard and choose wisely, however the poll closes on the 7th of January so you only have a week to make your voice heard.

  • The Promised Neverland Episode 7 Emma and Norman
  • Dororo
  • Mob2
  • titan7a
  • Fruits23i
  • Demon19a
  • Astra8i
  • Given6f
  • Stone23d
  • Vinland
  • Chihayafuru3

Before anyone points out we’re an anime short, Demon Slayer actually made the top 3 for Spring and Summer which is why we only have 11 titles going head to head and not 12.


Thank-you for reading 100 Word Anime.

Hope you enjoyed.

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Previous poll results:

10 thoughts on “Time to Vote on The Best Anime of The Year That Was 2019

  1. This was surprisingly hard to vote for. Some I’m obviously not going to vote for, but I still ended up with a three-way tie between Mob Psycho 2, Fruits Basket and Vinland Saga. I chose MP2, but it could have easily gone any other way.

    1. It actually is a really hard decision as all of the shows here have some solid positives. Very curious where the vote will end up as it is still really tight.

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