Bastion Game Review: Short and Sweet


About two weeks ago I put up my first impressions of this game. Now I’ve completed the story mode, what are my final thoughts on the game?


Because I’ve already done my basic impressions of the game, I’m going to put this in a straight plus/minus format. I will admit that even though I finished the story, that opened up other play modes and things that I have yet to try.

Plus +

The artwork and music are adorable in this game. They both work really well. It is visually interesting and while the music may get a little repetitive toward the end of the story campaign, it really suits the game itself and adds to a very immersive experience.

Minus –

All up, I completed the story campaign in just under 10 hours. That’s with my save disappearing midway along and having to restart as well as some random deaths due to being overly curious about what might happen if. Basically, I probably could have finished this several hours before I did if I’d actually just focussed on finishing the story. That’s kind of a problem given I’m not that good at games and I really should take awhile to finish them. While I feel I got my money’s worth out of this game, I bought it on sale and I don’t know that I’d feel as happy about the value for money if I’d paid full price.


Plus +

While the story is relatively linear, the end does give you a two choices which I assume changes the ending in some meaningful way (or at least gives you a different closing monologue). That’s kind of made me curious enough that I want to play through again just to make different choices and see what happens. It is a very minor thing and it would have been nice if earlier on you’d been given some choices. Still, it was kind of nice at the end to feel like you controlled how it played out.

Minus –

The final level firstly adds a hop mechanic making a whole section of the level a platformer. Yet the visuals and the controls don’t really allow for the kind of precision that would make platforming fun and given you hadn’t had to do this the entire rest of the game just felt like a way to stretch out the final level and add a level of irritation to the process. The second thing is that it then swaps out all of your weapon choices for the battering ram. While that is a very cool weapon, I’m left wondering why I spent all that time training and levelling up the rest of my equipment if they were just going to leave me with a new and random weapon right at the end.


Plus +

I’ll just say it, this is a fun game. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. Other than a few random gimmicks in the last level, it doesn’t overly clutter itself with unnecessary mechanics. The story works and the narration, while not as great as I might have been lead to believe was certainly enjoyable to listen to. Basically, I play games for fun and this one managed to give me hours of fun (though also not as many hours as I would have liked).

Minus –

While at first it seems like the range of enemies is pretty good, they all have more or less the same attack patterns. This game ups difficulty by adding more enemies onto the screen but once you get the canon that just makes it amusing to see how many enemies you can simultaneously wipe out. Basically, the difficulty in this game isn’t very high and it doesn’t really do anything to make it more difficulty. Plus, the attack patterns are very repetitive so once you’ve chosen your favourite combination of gear you will slip in a fairly straight pattern of attack yourself.


Overall, this was a fun game experience and as I said, on finishing and watching the credits through, I have unlocked some other stuff which I’ll have to get in and try, but I’m pretty happy with this steam sale purchase.

Thanks for reading.

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Karandi James.


6 thoughts on “Bastion Game Review: Short and Sweet

  1. I remember seeing an ad for this game a long time back and thinking it had a really cool aesthetic. I wasn’t sure at all what the gameplay was like so I was pretty curious about this review you did.

    One of the things that I was wondering about (only because the ad made it sound important) was the potion/drink mechanic. I’m really bad about using limited resources in games because I might be a natural hoarder and usually finish games using as few potions as possible. How did you find this part of the game to be?

    1. They give you so many potions you seldom run out. I think there was only one occasion where I actually ran out of healing potions and couldn’t find another one. It was one of the few times I lost in a level and had to restart for reasons other than stupid curiosity and an attempt to try something that I knew wouldn’t work.
      In terms of the other potion that gave you your spcial move, I didn’t feel the need to use it often enough to run out except occasionally in end of level fights and then I just had to play smarter.
      So yeah, no point hoarding. The things are literally everywhere.

    1. I will admit, I don’t have anywhere near the time I would like to spend on gaming these days so Bastion’s short run time isn’t really such an issue given its the first game in a long time I’ve finished the intended play through.

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