Bananya First Impressions

I’ve completely avoided this until now because when someone tells you its a short anime about cats that live inside bananas your first question should be, ‘and then what happens?’


Literally, kittens who live in bananas.


I watched three episodes. All nine minutes of it. In that time, we were introduced to characters and nothing else happened. The kittens are adorable, the bouncing banana gimmick is visually workable, but there is no story and given the characters are restricted to ‘nya’ there really isn’t any character development or relationships. Basically, if you will watch any video on YouTube that has a cute kitten, you will probably enjoy this. Otherwise, pass. Clearly, I will not be watching any further episodes but I do look forward to seeing some very adorable artworks that will probably be inspired by this anime.

Bananya is available on Crunchyroll.

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