Autumn 2017 Week 9

autumn 2017

And we are closing in on the end of the season with some shows having only a handful of episodes left. Regardless of how things go, Autumn has been my favourite season overall. Even the lesser shows this season have been pretty entertaining if for no other reason than to tear them apart, but there’s certainly been a lot I’ve really enjoyed. They might not make it all the way to the end, but the week to week has been pretty fun.

As always, I’d love to know your thoughts on the season so please share them in the comments below.


Must Watch

March Comes in Like a Lion Season 2 (Episode 29)

It is probably getting repetitive of me to say, but this was another fantastic episode. We pulled away a little from directly dealing with Hina’s bullying, however that gave the episode a chance to focus on the ripple effects that situation is having on the other characters in the show and hwo it is changing their words and actions. This show has been amazing this season and is truly unmissable at the moment.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride (Episode 8)

This was a great episode for Chise and Elias and really just gave me exactly what I wanted going in to this show. There’s not a lot to say other than the character relationships continue to develop, the show looks beautiful, the music is fantastic, and overall it is a fairly magical experience.

Land of the Lustrous (Episode 8)

Land of the Lustrous has continued to impress. While the distinct visuals are certainly what drew me in initially, now it is very much Phos’ character journey and transformation as well as the world itself that draws me back each week to this show. It shall be very interesting to see how this ultimately plays out.

Girls’ Last Tour (Episode 8)

Not much more to say about this. It has been consistent in tone, style and quality and has felt worth the watch so far. A nice and relaxing viewing experience to be found with two very charming characters facing the end of the world.


Usually Entertaining

Recovery of an MMO Junkie (Episode 9)

My fear that this show would slump in the end was kind of alleviated this week with a strong second last episode and both of the main characters showing us just why we have put up with all these silly misunderstandings so far. I’m really hoping for a good final episode and this show has continued to be one of my favourite watches each week even with the little bit of a slump in the second half.

Just Because (Episode 7)

Indecisiveness should be one of the seven deadly sins. It is incredibly painful watching a character hesitate over and over again. I think wrongful action would be better than inaction in some of these situations because while they are inactive nothing will change at all. Not for the better or the worse. Anyway, this is a slice of life, high school romance thing that works quite well and as long as you don’t pay too much attention to the characters when they walk or run isn’t that bad looking.


Okay, I Guess

Our Love Has Always Been 10 Centimeters Apart (Episode 2)

This is not my favourite genre and it isn’t exactly blowing me away, but it is hard to fault this show on any particular aspect. It isn’t overly ambitious and is cute and charming as it delivers its story. I can definitely see romance fans getting into this one.

Kino’s Journey (Episode 8)

Yep, Kino’s Journey has dropped. Another episode minus Kino and instead following Shizu who just isn’t interesting enough to be bothered with. It has been quite a number of episode since I was really entertained by this show. It isn’t bad by any means but it isn’t really doing much to make me feel that it matters whether I keep watching it or not.

Anime-Gataris (Episode 8)

The mid-season slump continues with this show. It isn’t broken but it hasn’t managed to be anywhere near as entertaining as its earlier episodes once it has had to try to build an actual plot. We’ll see what the season’s end brings us and whether this show can bounce back or whether it fizzled early on.

Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ (Episode 8)

This continues to go through the motions as we move closer to a climax. There were some positives from this episode but a lot of pretty standard and expected moments as well as some more filler and time wasting. There’s only so many times the main characters can escape the villains clutches before the villain starts looking way too pathetic to be taken seriously.

King’s Game (Episode 9)

Emotionally this show has me far more invested at this point in time given we’re fully focussed on the current game and aren’t guaranteed of what the outcome will be (even though it seems relatively obvious there is room for a twist). Not to mention, this show knows how to push just far enough on the gore and tragedy to get an emotional rise out of its audience without being too gross to watch (though that is a subjective measurement). Lacking in logic, this story won’t be for everyone, but fans of bad horror will be enjoying the ride at this point in the season.

UQ Holder (Episode 9)

And I’m still echoing concerns that this show is in no hurry to go anywhere devoting a lot of this episode’s run time to a random girls want to wash guy’s back at the baths sequence. There was some actual plot development this week, but you had to wait a long time to get there.

Black Clover (Episode 9)


Juni Taisen: Zodiac War (Episode 9)

So a tiger walks into a bar… and that’s it. No punch line or purpose. Much like this show so far. It has three episodes left and I just don’t know what it could do at this point to actually make me care.

Sengoku Night Blood (Episode 8)

Well, they’ve officially run out of people to abduct the heroine so I guess that counts as plot progress. This one is more about watching the pretty colours on the screen than the plot at this point.


They Made This?

Dies Irae (Episode 7)

Can these guys please destroy the world already so that the show will end? Or at the very least can the ‘hero’ find someway to not seem totally useless just for one episode. That would be the best I can hope for from this show at the moment.


Tried and Dropped

Evil or Live (Episode 4)

My Girlfriend is Shobitch (Episode 2)

TWOCAR (Episode 1)

Taisho Mebiusline Chicchaisan (Episode 1)

Love is Like A Cocktail (Episode 1)

Konohana Kitan (Episode 1)

A Sister’s All You Need (Episode 1)

Urahara (Episode 1)

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2 thoughts on “Autumn 2017 Week 9

  1. Dies Irae is starting to make a bit of sense, but that scene when one of the characters asks Ren to rape her was just….I don’t understand the point of that. I saw one comment mention that it’s important, but knowing how this show is we’ll never know the reason for it.

    1. See defending something because it made sense in the original doesn’t help that the anime is kind of without meaning or purpose at this point in time. Maybe it will make sense, but I think I will have well and truly stopped caring before we get to that point.

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