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autumn 2017

So much fun and contrast in this season as I jump between the sweet romantic, to more comedy based romance, to pure fantasy, to post apocalytpic slice of life and then just horror, shock and gore. Really enjoying following a long with everyone as we navigate this season of anime. That said, below is my current list and everything below King’s Game is pretty much not fun to watch at this point. They haven’t been dropped because I’m hoping they either improve after the mid-season and have a good end game, but to be honest, I’m thinking anything I’ve ranked below King’s Game at the moment has more than a few issues to overcome. There were also a couple of no shows this week which made my review schedule a little interesting.

Let me know which show you think will have the best final this season?


Must Watch

March Comes in Like a Lion Season 2 (Episode 28)

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the theme of bullying dealt with in such a fantastic manner. It is something that really only works because of the strengths of the characters that we’ve had an entire season to connect with and because of the visual style of this show and the end result is something truly moving and amazing to watch unfold. Once this storyline is concluded I am going to binge watch the entire section again and I’ll probably go through an entire tissue box as it leaves me emotionally wrecked.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride (Episode 7)

This was a great episode for Chise and Elias and really just gave me exactly what I wanted going in to this show. There’s not a lot to say other than the character relationships continue to develop, the show looks beautiful, the music is fantastic, and overall it is a fairly magical experience.

Land of the Lustrous (Episode 7)

The world moves into winter and Phos still hasn’t come to terms with their new legs or how to use them but their desire to get stronger and to be useful remains. I must admit, this was a very beautiful winter world and Phos’ journey continued to impress.

Girls’ Last Tour (Episode 7)

Another week exploring the world and looking for food. The girls are really in their element when it is the two of them trying to achieve a goal. This continues to be a sleepy but fun show to check out each week and it always leaves me feeling relaxed and calm.


Usually Entertaining

Recovery of an MMO Junkie (Episode 8)

Right, unless this picks up for its final two episodes it may find itself crashing down into the ‘Okay I Guess’ category as the last two episodes have been a little underwhelming. I still really like the two main characters here and I really want this to end well, so fingers crossed it picks up again.

Just Because (Episode 6)

No episode this week.

Kino’s Journey (Episode 7)

Once again, an episode that works well enough and is kind of interesting, but overall this series is pretty flat. I’m thinking next week this will probably drop to the category below. Still pretty to watch and very laid back story telling. There’s certainly plenty to like about the show but it just isn’t holding my interest as much as some of the other shows this season.


Okay, I Guess

Anime-Gataris (Episode 7)

Another fairly ordinary episode that works well enough but isn’t overly entertaining (or at least I wasn’t particularly entertained). While this show has been a pleasant surprise and has managed to have me laughing many weeks, as the season progresses the lack of any kind of overall plot direction has started to hurt this and the reuse of the same conflict over and over again isn’t helping at this point. Hopefully the show can end on a high note but this mid-season slump is definitely noted.

Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ (Episode 7)

Yeah, this was back on track this week. Almost predictably so. Yet at least it felt like the plot was moving and that we are finally getting closer to more conrete answers. Cardia also feels like she has actually made a lot of progress as a character so hopefully this will end well. This series hasn’t been exceptional but has mostly continued a long in its own unspectacular way with only a few mis-steps.

Our Love Has Always Been 10 Centimeters Apart (Episode 1)

Cute romance story that so far hasn’t done much but set things up, but is certainly watchable and has potential. Will see how it goes.

King’s Game (Episode 8)

With the focus now firmly on the game in the present time period, I actually found a lot more to enjoy about this episode. There’s something far more compelling about viewing events in a horror where you don’t know who the sole survivor is going to be. While the animation, story and characters are all still pretty dreadful at times, this remains entertaining and I feel picked up a bit this week.

Black Clover (Episode 8)

Black Clover is making a good argument for why a series should be completed in its entirety before it is allowed to air and why people who promote shows should be forced to watch them in their entirety before they are allowed to promote them. That is all I have to say about this one at this point.

UQ Holder (Episode 8)

The lack of overall drive continues with Fate admitting that it doesn’t really matter whether Tota comes with him now or not and so any sense of urgency that may have been kicked off by this whole abduction attempt goes straight out the window. So, still watchable and that is all.

Juni Taisen: Zodiac War (Episode 8)

I’m bored with this. Really, incredibly bored. Four episodes left and to be honest I really wouldn’t mind if they all just died from the poison at this point.

Sengoku Night Blood (Episode 7)

No episode this week.


They Made This?

Dies Irae (Episode 6)

Okay, mostly this show now makes sense and it is truly dreadful. Unless there is something resembling a master plan that they just haven’t shared with us yet the villains essentially break stuff because they can. Oh wait, it is because his very existence brings destruction. There’s an excellent plot line for you.


Tried and Dropped

Evil or Live (Episode 4)

My Girlfriend is Shobitch (Episode 2)

TWOCAR (Episode 1)

Taisho Mebiusline Chicchaisan (Episode 1)

Love is Like A Cocktail (Episode 1)

Konohana Kitan (Episode 1)

A Sister’s All You Need (Episode 1)

Urahara (Episode 1)

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