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autumn 2017

We’ve reached the end of week 3 and normally I would have settled on what I’m watching for the season. However, in the interest of wanting to see Made in Abyss and a few other shows from last season (and then a couple this season), I’ve picked up a HiDive subscription for a little bit. That has given me a few new titles I need to catch up on. So while I have put up a watch schedule on patreon there’s still a lot of room for movement.

I will admit, I’m pretty excited by this season because even the stuff that isn’t great, is pretty fun to watch (watch, poke fun at, talk to others about). There’s also quite a few shows that have made it to my must watch list after one or two episodes so really hoping they maintain that level of interest as the season progresses.

I’d love to know what everyone else has decided to watch and drop so please leave a comment below.


Must Watch

(For shows I am counting the minutes down until the next episode. They may not be perfect shows, but I’m hooked at the moment and I want more.)

March Comes in Like a Lion Season 2 (Episode 23)

This one is definitely riding on my feelings from season 1 given this first episode on its own isn’t particularly strong. However, it does tap right into all those feelings I have for the main character and reminded me just how much I’ve missed seeing these characters in the six months since the first season ended. Really great to have this show back and it is definitely a must watch for me. The review will be out Tuesday.

Kino’s Journey (Episode 2)

I liked the first episode of this but was worried it would be a bit slow, however episode 2 kind of laid that fear to rest. I loved how they gave the audience enough information without spelling every little thing out and I loved how the characters and their choices were presented throughout the episode. While this may not last here is we get a run of slower episodes, this second episode really impressed. The link is for episode 1, episode 2 review will be out later today.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride (Episode 2)

I’m sold. This is beautiful and sweet with just enough bitter and potential for darkness to keep you paying attention and waiting for the next thing to happen. It is gorgeous to look at, has an amazing soundtrack and so far the characters have all been really interesting even though we’ve  only got a tiny glimpse of them so far. Really looking forward to where this goes. Be sure to check out WeekendOtaku’s and my review on Weekend’s blog.


Usually Entertaining

(For those shows that are enjoyable enough but have some flaws, or I just personally love them even though I know they aren’t particularly good.)

Girls’ Last Tour (Episode 1)

I’m late picking this one up but that was a pretty good first episode so I’m kind of hoping it continues along. Odd for me to have enjoyed a slice of life so much, but I think the mix of slice of life with post apocalyptic setting kind of worked in this introduction. Whether I continue to enjoy it remains to be seen.

Anime-Gataris (Episode 2)

Still laughing this week so that is definitely a good sign. Plus more anime references, more crazy characters, and some actual relevant (though not particularly profound) points about anime fandom. Really enjoyed this episode and I’m still a bit surprised by how much fun this high school club comedy has been in its opening episodes. The question remains whether it can hold up for a whole season or whether it will run out of material.

Land of the Lustrous (Episode 1)

I’m not sure if this is going to work for me for a whole season, but this first episode was very impressive from a visual point of view. I’m kind of intrigued about the characters and the world, but really I think I’d happily just watch the fight sequences because so far they’ve been gorgeous.


Okay, I Guess

(For those shows that aren’t technically broken and I’m watching them – and may even enjoy some aspects of them –  but they aren’t exactly going to get a glowing recommendation.)

Just Because (Episode 1)

This probably belongs in a higher category but it is being held back for me at the moment because I’ve only watched one episode and because it just isn’t my usual genre. Still, I’m kind of hopeful on this one and from reading other reviewers it seems a lot of people are quite enjoying it.

King’s Game (Episode 2)

Giving most of the second episode to a flash back of the first King’s Game really didn’t help this anime – if they’d wanted to tell us that story they probably should have. That said, I’m still actually really enjoying the goings on here and even if the quality is questionable, it kind of suits my tastes so sticking with it.

Recovery of an MMO Junkie (Episode 2)

Definitely cute romance going on here though I’m feeling the MMO part is actually the weakest part of the show so far. I kind of look forward to seeing how these characters progress.

Sengoku Night Blood (Episode 3)

Still sticking with this as it is kind of relaxing viewing. Not good and the characters and plot are both still kind of missing in action, but it is nice and calm viewing with some pretty visuals and a fairly predictable series of events so far. Plus vampires and werewolves using swords is kind of fun no matter how you look at it.

Juni Taisen: Zodiac War (Episode 3)

Amazingly, the third episode of this kind of made me like it a little bit more. That was mostly because of the character focus, and then they killed her, so who knows what I’ll feel like next week with this one. Still, it felt like an improvement which was nice because I really wanted to enjoy this show but just haven’t been feeling it yet.

Black Clover (Episode 3)

Asta’s voice continues to be painfully annoying and the plot is taking forever to start moving. Really, as much as I want to like this, much like Juni Taisen, I’m just not there yet. It isn’t dead in the water because it could still potentially build on this opening, but the first three episodes have been somewhat less than impressive.

Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ (Episode 2)

Another episode, another pretty boy, and another round of really cheesy dialogue. In honesty it wasn’t that bad, but other than looking pretty there’s not really a lot to recommend this or to help it stand out from the trillion other shows that have blank slate female protagonist surrounded by harem of pretty boys. At least not yet. Episode 2 review will be out tomorrow sometime.

UQ Holder (Episode 3)

This one remained watchable enough but not particularly remarkable. There were some fights, a test, we learned a little bit more about different kinds of immortals, but mostly this show is just stepping through the motions.

Evil or Live (Episode 2)

Really odd story so far and not sure if that is a good or a bad thing. Clearly going for shock factor and edgy but not sure if any of the characters make sense at this point. I guess we’ll see how they develop in the next few episodes.

Dies Irae (Episode 1)

This kind of got better in its first episode but I would be lying if I said I had any clue what this show was actually going to end up being about yet. There’s plenty of intrigue in amongst fairly generic high school set up and it could be good but it could also end up a total disaster. Wait and see. Episode 1 review will be up tomorrow.


They Made This?

(For those shows that for whatever reason, usually curiosity, I did not drop but I should have. Usually the narrative is a mess or the characters are hopeless or visually they are painful to watch. Or maybe all three of those. Sometimes these shows recover and move up later in the season. Usually they don’t.)

Nothing yet.


Tried and Dropped

(This one is tricky because not all these shows are bad. Sometimes I don’t have space in my line up and drop a show that I may later end up picking back up or watching and enjoying. Othertimes I drop a show that I know is very good but it just isn’t a genre I enjoy and it isn’t working for me. However, these are shows I did start and I indicate how much I watched before dropping.)

My Girlfriend is Shobitch (Episode 2)

Yep, it only took one more episode for this to cross that line I was worried about and now I am done with this show.

TWOCAR (Episode 1)

Taisho Mebiusline Chicchaisan (Episode 1)

Love is Like A Cocktail (Episode 1)

Konohana Kitan (Episode 1)

A Sister’s All You Need (Episode 1)

Urahara (Episode 1)

Thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Autumn 2017 Week 3

  1. I sometimes truly wonder where you find the time to watch all these shows. I have trouble keeping up with just four at the moment lol. Seriously though, really respect how you manage that, and keep providing us with all those wonderful posts 😊 Well, strangely enough I was about to drop Two Car, but this weeks’s episode was the first one that made the show a little bit more enjoyable, so I have decided to stick with it for now. Ancient Magus Bride though: what a series: episode 3 is utterly amazing. Can’t wait to see the post on that one by you and Weekend Otaku 😀

    1. The thing is, even with all those shows, that’s only five and half hours of watching a week which if I did it all in one hit would be the equivalent of just deciding to sleep on the couch for Sunday afternoon but instead is spread out over the whole week.
      I will admit though, the writing posts after watching does add on more hours to that. Still, anime is my wind down and my break from thinking about work.

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