Autumn 2017 Week 1

autumn 2017

I don’t know about everyone else but I am super excited to start a new anime season. While there were some shows that grabbed my interest last season, they were kind of few and far between and so I ended up watching shows that I might have otherwise passed on. Not the most satisfying viewing experience but Autumn is a new season and we have a new line up of shows to start watching and then we’ll see what happens.

Obviously I don’t have anything resembling a watch-list just yet and so I’m still in the making snap judgements and trying to work out what I’ll keep and what I’ll pass on (and then in two weeks time I’ll probably change my mind on a few of those choices) but by week three I should more or less know my line up for the season. As such, don’t take the categories particularly seriously just yet as there is always a lot of movement in the early weeks before shows settle more or less into the appropriate grouping.

As always, I am definitely looking forward to checking out what everyone else has decided to keep on their watch list and their thoughts on these shows as they develop. Please feel free to leave a comment below and hopefully I will get to everyone’s blogs and see what they are up to.

However, you will notice I’ve decided it was time for my overviews to get a facelift (read: I got bored looking at the same images every week so changed them again). I also added in a brief description of each category title that will disappear later in the season but I’ve picked up some new followers and I must admit they aren’t the clearest titles ever.


Must Watch

(For shows I am counting the minutes down until the next episode. They may not be perfect shows, but I’m hooked at the moment and I want more.)

Nothing yet.


Usually Entertaining

(For those shows that are enjoyable enough but have some flaws, or I just personally love them even though I know they aren’t particularly good.)

The Ancient Magus’ Bride (Episode 1)

Every bit as beautiful as its prequel episodes indicated it would be, the story isn’t really in a rush to get anywhere. I’m thinking this will be a must watch but I’d like to see what the next couple of episodes do first. Still, this was a great first episode even if it was a little over-reliant on emotions rather than plot. (Review for this episode will be up on Weekend Otaku’s site later as part of our collaboration this season. )

King’s Game (Episode 1)

Alright, it is one episode, so ‘usually’ might be a stretch. Still, I really enjoyed this first episode. Supernatural horror is kind of my favourite genre outside of fantasy and I really liked how this set up the story. Okay, there’s the usual issues that horror shows suffer from and so far the characters haven’t been amazing (not to mention you’ll be pretty wary of getting close to any of the designated victims so might be hard to get attached to the characters) but I really enjoyed this first episode and I’m hopeful of getting a decent horror out of this. It might not last in this category but fingers crossed.

Kino’s Journey (Episode 1)

Again, one episode isn’t really usually but this first episode was pretty good. The story seems like it will be episodic and fairly slow so I may end up dropping this one for personal taste reasons, but it actually gave us a pretty decent opening act and has a lot of potential. Watching this space and seeing what happens. (Review out later today.)


Okay, I Guess

(For those shows that aren’t technically broken and I’m watching them – and may even enjoy some aspects of them –  but they aren’t exactly going to get a glowing recommendation.)

Sengoku Night Blood (Episode 1)

This one is either going to become usually entertaining or it will end up being the series I wonder why on earth it was made. This first episode was pretty entertaining even if it wasn’t particularly good (though it is really pretty). Still, time will tell whether they can deliver a story from this or whether we’re just going to be dragged along with self-insert female protagonist through the warring states conflict without much else of interest happening. I’m hoping for entertaining because this certainly has potential to entertain even if it isn’t a masterpiece of storytelling.

Black Clover (Episode 1)

Okay we have a shouty protagonist type who is also a bit of a moron who by the end of episode one gains some weird power. Also has a quiet and seemingly smart best friend. Where have I seen this set-up before..? This first episode wasn’t bad, but it hasn’t done anything yet to really distinguish the show. I will say that the episode got better as it went so I’m kind of hopeful that this may find its feet in a few episodes.

Juni Taisen: Zodiac War (Episode 1)

I was a little disappointed with this opening episode (though that is kind of my fault for going in with expectations). Still, this story seems like it would be right for me given my love of Future Diary, Btooom, and a whole slew of other contrived reasons to kill the cast anime. Yet, this episode didn’t do much for me. Hoping for an improvement but not really sold on this yet.

Recovery of an MMO Junkie (Episode 1)

I don’t think this is going to ever amaze me, but the first episode was pleasant enough and overall this could be kind of fun. It could also be generic, repetitive and silly so I guess I’ll watch a few more episodes and see. Still, not a terrible starting point.

Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ (Episode 1)

Great, this show has two tildes in the title for no discernible reason other than punctuation in anime titles is apparently meaningless. Okay, thoughts on the show… meh? I’m going to give it another episode or two but I’m not overly optimistic here. (Review will be out on Tuesday.)

UQ Holder (Episode 1)

No idea how I actually feel about this one yet. The basic story seems pretty generic and the characters haven’t really done anything to make me like or dislike them yet. This one is going to need a couple more episodes for me to make a decision on. Still, when the show opens with a magic sneeze blowing various girls’ clothing off that isn’t the best way to impress.

Dies Irae (Episode 0)

This looks like a great candidate for the ‘They Made This’ category but in its defense this is an episode 0 so maybe once things get started for real it won’t be that bad. Maybe I am being unnecessarily optimistic and maybe I’m just going to drop this after another episode, but here it is for now. (Review will be out on Monday.)


They Made This?

(For those shows that for whatever reason, usually curiosity, I did not drop but I should have. Usually the narrative is a mess or the characters are hopeless or visually they are painful to watch. Or maybe all three of those. Sometimes these shows recover and move up later in the season. Usually they don’t.)

Nothing yet.


Tried and Dropped

(This one is tricky because not all these shows are bad. Sometimes I don’t have space in my line up and drop a show that I may later end up picking back up or watching and enjoying. Othertimes I drop a show that I know is very good but it just isn’t a genre I enjoy and it isn’t working for me. However, these are shows I did start and I indicate how much I watched before dropping.)

TWOCAR (Episode 1 – actually not bad just not for me, review for this episode out Tuesday)

Taisho Mebiusline Chicchaisan (Episode 1 – probably going to watch but not review)

Love is Like A Cocktail (Episode 1)

Konohana Kitan (Episode 1 – no review)

Urahara (Episode 1 – no review)

Thanks for reading.

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27 thoughts on “Autumn 2017 Week 1

  1. I’m still going through all the first episodes, but thus far they’ve mostly had a middling feel, like, “This does not annoy me, but it’s not grabbing my attention either.” Though Black Clover just feels so by-the-numbers and overdone, and that protagonist is annoying and obnoxious.

    1. There’s a lot more this season that I’m hopeful about because there’s a lot of stuff that is more the kind of style I enjoy even when it isn’t done well. I’m hopeful a lot of these shows will pick up as they go on (Black Clover included) but even if they don’t I should have some fun watching them.

  2. No Houseki no Kuni or Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau? The first episode of Houseki no Kuni was adapted pretty perfectly from the manga. I was smiling and giddy the whole way through 🙂

    1. No acces to either at this point here. If they become available I’ll give them a shot.
      I have skipped out on Love Live! Sunshine which is on AnimeLab because to be honest I already know that I won’t watch it. Likewise The Idol Master, Love Rice, and Tsukipro.

          1. I quite like living here. However, I really believe region locking should be gone by now. the internet allows global access so why haven’t streaming services and liscencing laws caught up with the concept of global access.

          2. I was just thinking the same thing! I hate how sometimes you can’t reach a video because it “isn’t available in your country.” Like WHY?! Why you gotta do this to me! The same thing for DVD’s. Sometimes if you order DVD’s from overseas they won’t play on specific players because it isn’t part of that region.

          3. If anyone is actually serious about stopping piracy of digital media, they have to address this first. Once region locking is gone then all the flimsy excuses for piracy go away and people will either pay for what they want to see (because it will be available) or they will decide to break the law.

          4. The same goes for Hulu and Netflix. They need to step up their anime platform. I know Hulu has a better amount of anime but they don’t keep up on ALL of the new anime being released. Netflix just sucks in the anime department but I know these companies have to license titles first before they can feature them. So it’s kind of a lose lose situation in this instance.

          5. Houseki no Kuni and Girl’s Last Tour are on Hidive for Aus/NZ (not sure which other regions). They got Made in Abyss as an exclusive last season, and it seems like some (but not all) of the other stuff which is ‘locked to Strike’ is available for premium Hidive users in Australia (they have the second season of Classicaloid too, but it’s available to free users after a week, and also not really your cup of tea). None of these have really felt like must-watch to me, but they do seem to be getting some simulcast titles I am at least curious about, so I am currently contemplating whether it is worth/I can afford an ongoing subscription.

          6. I’m actually looking at HiDive because they had Made in Abyss and a few other titles last season. More importantly, AnimeLab has got almost nothing this season. If they aren’t going to be streaming new titles then my subscription there won’t be worth keeping up.
            My issue with HiDive is I can’t find anywhere that will tell me how much they plan on charging after their introductory period is over.

          7. I just use AnimeLab as a free user at present. I’m happy enough to wait an extra week for the few simulcast titles they get to go free, and there’s very little premium-only content on the site at all, unless you prefer watching dubbed anime when available. It’s really just the movies, and the higher resolution which is untenable to stream at with my bad internet speeds. I can see you’d be a bit disenchanted with keeping up an ongoing subscription if you’re not getting many benefits.

            As far as I can tell, no-one can find this information about HiDive. It’s a bit concerning that they haven’t stated how long the mysterious introductory period will be, and what prices will be like afterwards. I’d think it would be perfectly reasonable for them to up their prices a bit if they can offer some extra apps (I’m sure people would love mobile and console apps, I love being able to use CR and AnimeLab on my PS3), but ‘unspecified price’ at ‘unspecified date’ is a bit concerning. No-one really likes signing up for a subscription plan which may change at a moment’s notice!

          8. The thing is, I love AnimeLab. I like the interface and I love how easy it is to stream to my TV. However, this season has been particularly low on simulcast titles.

    1. Yeah, I didn’t actually make it all the way through the first episode so I didn’t even write a first impression post on it. People thought my initial thoughts on Love is Like a Cocktail were negative but they wouldn’t come close to what I would ay about Urahara after watching half an episode.

        1. It is sometimes very fun to tear things apart. I try not to let my blog get too negative but just every now and then something comes along that you just have to.

  3. I’m doing something that I have never done before yet: I have actually started watching for shows simultaously now (and adding a fifth one after writing this). Those are: Black Clover, King’s Game, Plastic Memories (not from this season) abd Two Car (which to me at the moment is rather boring, even though I was actually looking forward to it). The fifth one that I will be adding is the Ancient Magus Bride because of some glowing reviews I have read for it (especially the one on LitaKino’s blog). Don’t know if I will keep up with all these shows but I am going to try anyway 😀

    1. That’s exciting. I look forward to how you go keeping up with these and discussing htem for the season (though Two Car I’ll just have to hear about second hand because I’m not going to follow it).

      1. Well, I’m not one to usually drop series, but I don’t know about Two Car. I will certainly watch one more episode, but if it continues like this, I might drop it as well 😊

          1. Well, I do believe it is a sport as I have seen sidecar races before. But without helmets? Never seen that before in my life. Way too risky as far as I know 😊

    1. I’m hoping so. I’m more optimistic about this one than Summer. A lot of these shows are more in genres I like so even if they don’t end up being good I should enjoy them more by default.

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