Autumn 2016 Week 7

At the end of week 7 of Autumn 2016 and the anime are really working hard now to either keep our attention or just ensure they don’t fall apart toward the end. For the shorter shows we’re about to hit the final sprint to the finish. That said there are plenty of shows going beyond that this time so it will be interesting to see what the next few weeks bring us but the real winner this week was Yuri on Ice.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on the season below.


I Must Keep Watching

  • Yuri on Ice (Ep 7)
  • Natsume Yuujinchou Go (Ep 6)
  • March Comes in Like a Lion (Ep 6)
  • Bungo Stray Dogs (Ep 19)

Yuri on Ice finally managed to break through any reservations I still had about the show and proved it wasn’t just cute guys ice skating with some BL fan-bait. Episode 7 literally took my breath away and I did an instant rewatch of the episode. That said, everything in episode 7 was built on the previous six episodes so this is a series that is really bringing everything together and doing it with style and sparkly costumes. There’s still some flaws but right now if I had to pick a best show of the season, Yuri has taken that spot.

March Comes in Like a Lion continues to be an excellent character piece. It does feel like there is plot progression but it is fairly slow and for the most part inconsequential to the character journey. It will be interesting to see whether this continues to be as engaging as it has been.

Bungo Stray Dogs is starting a downward slide now that we’re back with the old crew. It isn’t that it is bad, it is just that I never found them that compelling. Interesting enough but without that flash back that ran for four episodes this show would pretty much have stayed in the On My Radar category which is where it will go back to soon if it doesn’t pick up.

Natsume gave us a special this week rather than an episode so no movement on that one (other than Yuri knocking it out of first place).


Still On My Radar

  • Days (Ep 19)
  • Iron Blooded Orphans (Ep 31)
  • Flip Flappers (Ep 7)
  • Lostorage Incited WIXOSS (Ep 6)
  • Izetta: the Last Witch (Ep 7)

Days moved us from the camp to the next tournament and continued to help the characters find ways to get better. This show just keeps rolling along with occasional sparks of amazing followed by pleasant nothingness.

Not much new to report with Iron Blooded Orphans. If you’ve made it through 30 episodes then you already know exactly what to expect. This show has been pretty even in its delivery right from the word go. There are some issues but mostly its a stable and enjoyable anime.

Flip Flappers feels like its starting to get ready to reveal something and in terms of potential payoff I’m looking forward to how it all comes together. That said, it could just fall apart still. However, Cocona and Papika have been an interesting pair to follow around and that relationship continues to grow (even if the foundation of it is a little shaky) which is why I’ve moved Flip Flappers up the list this week. If it can bring things together it will become a must watch series.

Lostorage Incited WIXOSS continues to see just how mean you can be to two characters while still hasn’t revealed anything about its end game. And maybe that doesn’t matter as the story focus is very clearly on how these two characters are changed by events, not in whatever the grand scheme is. But until we know where it ends this one is just staying on my radar and isn’t a must watch. I may change my mind at seasons end.

Izetta picks up a bit this week with less down time and more focus on the war and recruiting allies, though a large chunk of the episode is devoted to a single battle. Overall, this series continues to have some really good moments but just isn’t consistent enough in its tone or pacing.


Not Dropped But Not Sold On These

  • Trickster (Ep 7)
  • Kiss Him, Not Me (Ep 6)
  • Bloodivores (Ep 7)
  • Nazotokine (Ep 7)

Trickster I could watch or not at this point. It isn’t bad. It isn’t. The story rolls along nicely and the characters each play their part. I’m just not finding myself connecting with anything in it and find myself mildly interested in the episode but mostly just wanting to get on to the next thing. This week’s episode didn’t change that impression.

Kiss Him, Not Me is definitely consistent. If you like what you are getting than there is no reason to stop liking it. For those us who aren’t fussed but aren’t dropping it, we’re getting exactly what we expect when we rock up for an episode of this.

Bloodivores doesn’t seem like it will get worse and might even manage to improve if they actually start explaining things (but I’m not going to hold my breath). That said, IF we get something resembling an explanation that is satisfying it may make me re-evaluate the whole series.

Nazotokine is just being watched at this point because if I drop it I’ll have to catch up on another show and that seems like too much effort. It isn’t horrible, it’s just increbily dull and isn’t doing anything to change that.


Watching and Will Review Occasionally

  • Cheating Craft (Ep 4)

Still didn’t watch the next episodes of this and it’s getting to a point where I will declare dropped if I don’t pick it back up soon.



  • Girlish Number (Ep 1 – Dropped)
  • Nanbaka (Ep 2 – Dropped)
  • Magical Girl Raising Project (Ep 2 – Dropped)
  • Matoi the Sacred Slayer (Ep 2 – Dropped)
  • Touken Ranbu – Hanmaru (Ep 1 – Dropped)
  • To Be Hero (Ep 1 – Dropped)
  • Occult;Nine (Ep 1 – Dropped)
  • Dream Festival (Ep 1 – Dropped)

Question this week: which character are you liking the most this season?

6 thoughts on “Autumn 2016 Week 7

  1. I’m getting more and more curious about Yuri on Ice. Everywhere I look at anime blogs, I see people just completely in awe about it. It is moving up in my to watch list for sure 😀

  2. My favourite character of the season? Probably Beethoven from Classicaloid. Classicaloid was totally not on my radar at all at the start of the season because of the terrible synopsis, but I picked it up because I saw some screencaps on Twitter which looked interesting. I love the madcap humour (probably not to your taste) and Beethoven is my favourite character because of his insatiable love for gyoza and melodramatic approach to life. He is both charming and funny to watch.

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