Autumn 2016 Week 12

This is pretty much it. Some shows have wrapped and others are on their way to final episodes. A handful of shows will continue on. I’ll have one more Autumn overview and then I’ll start thinking about my final thoughts on the season and what I’m going to watch next.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this season in the comments below.


I Must Keep Watching

  • Yuri on Ice (Ep 12 – Finished)
  • Natsume Yuujinchou Go (Ep 11 – Finished)
  • March Comes in Like a Lion (Ep 10)

Yuri on Ice – wow!

Natsume delivered a fairly ordinary last episode but ordinary for Natsume is still actually pretty good so while it is not going to be my favourite episode of the series or even the season it was a nice close to the fifth season. Glad we got a season six announcement for 2017 though.

Fortunately March Comes in Like a Lion moved away from dancing cats and slice of life antics and dove back to Rei’s emotional journey which is where the show really shines (for me at least). Honestly, at this point if I could trim this series down to just the serious parts this would be a near perfect series, however the slice of life and comedic moments do serve a purpose even if I don’t find them as compelling.


Still On My Radar

  • Lostorage Incited WIXOSS (Ep 11)
  • Days (Ep 24 – Finished)
  • Iron Blooded Orphans (Ep 36)
  • Bungo Stray Dogs (Ep 24 – Finished)
  • Izetta: the Last Witch (Ep 12 – Finished)
  • Flip Flappers (Ep 12)

WIXOSS is going well and while this is never going to be one of my must watches (it just isn’t the kind of show that I get super into) this has been a really pleasurable watch this season. Looking forward to how it ends.

I really enjoyed this final installment of Days season 1. Definitely not my usual thing but its been a real joy following this even while I can openly acknowledge this is not the greatest anime ever and it has some glaring flaws at times particularly with pacing. That said, it is just fun to watch and spend time with the characters. Of course, zero resolution because why not wait for season 2.

Iron Blooded Orphans feels a bit like it is losing its way now. Season 2 has lacked a lot of the oomph of season 1 and now it feels like we’re just throwing big things around so that there is someone or something to fight against. Hopefully it pulls itself back together but I see this getting worse before it gets better. I’d be happy to eat those words later though.

At least Bungo is finished now and can’t drop further but really these last three episodes have been pretty bad. And then we set up for a continuation that I just don’t know if I really care to watch. I might. I am a glutton for watching things that annoy me and there has been just enough good in this show to keep stringing me along.

Izetta had such a promising start and I guess it never really got dreadful but it wasn’t good. Perfectly watchable, yet without substance or feeling by the end really. Okay, Sophie was dreadful.

Flip Flappers has kind of left me feeling a bit disappointed and I’m really not looking forward to the final episode. It all just feels kind of messy and like there was a lot of build up for not very much. Still, it isn’t finished yet so maybe it can pull something off.


Not Dropped But Not Sold On These

  • Kiss Him, Not Me (Ep 11)
  • Trickster (Ep 12)
  • Bloodivores (Ep 12 – Finished)
  • Nazotokine (Ep 12 – Finished)

Kiss Him, Not Me continues to be pleasant enough but continues to skirt just this side of inappropriate in terms of its set ups with a dash of making me feel uncomfortable even while I’m kind of enjoying it.

I’m seriously hoping for some decent Winter shows so I can justify dropping Trickster mid-season at this point. I just don’t see me making it through 24 episodes of mediocrity.

The only reason Bloodivores isn’t last on this list is it at least pretended it was going to go somewhere and while it made me face palm a number of times it didn’t bore me like Nazotokine. Still, not good. Not good at all.

Nazotokine is the show I definitely should have dropped. It isn’t dysfunction like Bloodivores but it is incredibly repetitive and dull. Seriously, even Taboo Tattoo was more interesting than this.



  • Cheating Craft (Ep 4 – Dropped)
  • Girlish Number (Ep 1 – Dropped)
  • Nanbaka (Ep 2 – Dropped)
  • Magical Girl Raising Project (Ep 2 – Dropped)
  • Matoi the Sacred Slayer (Ep 2 – Dropped)
  • Touken Ranbu – Hanmaru (Ep 1 – Dropped)
  • To Be Hero (Ep 1 – Dropped)
  • Occult;Nine (Ep 1 – Dropped)
  • Dream Festival (Ep 1 – Dropped)

Question this week, which show do you think won my reader’s poll for best anime of 2016?

5 thoughts on “Autumn 2016 Week 12

  1. Lol. When you say you were “a glutton for watching the things that annoys” you, I felt like we’re kind of the same in that regard. I’ve been thinking about reading Flip Flappers but after reading your comments, I might not. They say the animation was good though. Or was it Mob Psycho that has good animation? Anyway, I’m secretly looking through your posts to check on animes I’ll watch next. Those two I’ve mentioned are currently in my list of next to watch.

    1. Flip Flappers is really beautiful to watch and some people have loved the story. I’. Not entirely sold on the story or the characters which is probably why I’m not really enjoying it but the animation and art are really well done.

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