In/Spectre Episode 1 Review

The nice thing about not looking at what is coming out in the next season is that sometimes you get these pleasant surprises. While In/Spectre isn't going to have the broad appeal of bigger anime, for those who like their fun supernatural stories this one certainly has all the signs of being pretty entertaining.


PET – The Naked Brunch

Well this week PET went from wannabe Scorsese to wannabe David Lynch. And yeah, I know the Naked Lunch is Cronenberg, I’m just all over the place today… And wannabe might be a bit too mean. Let’s face it, not everything Lynch puts out is a masterpiece and not every aspect of PET is particularly … Continue reading PET – The Naked Brunch

Keep Your Hands Of Eizouken! Episode 2 Review

Keep Your Hands of Eizouken! is proving to be one of those irresistibly fun anime that just leave you smiling. Honestly watching the three girls starting their own not-anime club and watching them get excited and bounce between practical reality and flights of fancy made for a thoroughly enjoyable twenty minutes. How did you find … Continue reading Keep Your Hands Of Eizouken! Episode 2 Review

Pet Episode 1 – Reserving Judgment

Pet isn't a show that gathered much buzz before it's release. And I get it. The first episode was fairly by the numbers psychological thriller that seemed to be trying extra hard to be grim! I assume at least some of that comes from the source material. It's not necessarily a broad appeal anime. But … Continue reading Pet Episode 1 – Reserving Judgment

Fire Force Episode 23 & 24 – 12 Years Ago

Wait what, two episodes!! How is that fair?!?. I can hardly make reasonable posts for one episode now tow!!!! And I bet you can imagine what this did to my screencaps post! Phfffth...two episodes. Who does that?! Am I the only one who really liked it? What I Thought Would Happen Well, I certainly didn't … Continue reading Fire Force Episode 23 & 24 – 12 Years Ago

Fire Force Episode 22 – Kill ’em With Kindness

I think these last few episodes of Fire Force should really have been watched in one sitting. Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying them individually but I feel like they are telling one integral bit of story, almost like a single scene. You can see it in the visuals, I have my gallery post … Continue reading Fire Force Episode 22 – Kill ’em With Kindness

Fire Force Episode 21 – Like a Moth to a Flame

The end of the season is really sneaking up on me. Not that Fire Force is over or anything, but I just wrote a bunch of final episode reviews and I'm sort of still surprised about it.This said Fire Force is also rearing up to its climax.

Fire Force Episode 20 – A Shooting War

Fire Force Episode 19 – In The Mouth of Madness

Fire Force Episode 18 – Revisiting Old Friends