Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 Review Episodes 1 + 2


This war is either just getting started – or it’s about to end tragically for everyone.

Attack on Titan Season Three Part Two Episode 1

Episode 1

I feel like this is cheating and Attack on Titan should just call it season 4 but whatever, here we are for season 3 part two. As usual the humans are in a terrible situations, titans are terrifying, and every character is walking around like the weight of the world is on their shoulders and every line of dialogue is delivered as if it is the defining moment of the episode. But none of that is new and if you’ve watched Attack on Titan up to this point that isn’t going to make you walk away now.

Attack on Titan Season Three Part Two Episode 1

Besides, this episode looks great, the plot seems to be progressing nicely, Eren doesn’t shout, and the hook at the end of the episode to get us to come back for the next episode was pretty spectacular. There’s just very little to complain about as this gives us more of Attack on Titan.

Attack on Titan Season Three Part Two Episode 1 - Eren and Armin
Are we just trying to raise a death flag here?

I still have to wonder about the sense of walking past the sleeping titan in the dark and not dealing with it. I just kept thinking as it stared at them creepily in the dark that it could be sending messages or doing anything for all they knew and yet they left an enemy alive behind them. That just seemed to be asking for trouble. Not that it really mattered given they were clearly always going to be walking into trouble.

Attack on Titan Season Three Part Two Episode 1 - Armin

Armin actually got to play an active role for the first time in awhile and I loved his reaction to being put in charge of something. It was a rare amusing moment in Attack on Titan that hit the perfect note and yet didn’t distract from the overall tension of the scene. It’s a shame Mikasa remains pretty much solely Eren’s shadow and seems to still have no personality or life beyond that.


However, the coolest moment of the episode goes to Levi who is very much going with a stab first and ask questions never approach to dealing with the enemy. It may not have actually worked but it was still a definitively cool move.

All and all, here we are for another round of Attack on Titan. Here’s hoping it all works out.

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Episode 2

While this episode is entirely the first part of this massive battle they seem to have set up, at no point does it feel like Attack on Titan is dragging its feet. From Erwin making his decisions and ordering his troops to seeing Levi in action before cutting to the awaited Eren and Reiner rematch with the other scouts ready to make a move, it all comes together beautifully and even while you are waiting for everything to fall apart and the screaming, shouting and dying to kick off again (come on, this is Attack on Titan), there’s a real pleasure in seeing the humans occasionally look like they might come out on top of something.

Erwin - Attack on Titan Season Three Part Two Episode Two
And we’re shouting again.

There were a few moments visually where the titans movements felt really clunky or large groups of people or titans seemed barely animated, however you can kind of see why when you look at the incredibly fluid motion in the second half of the episode. While it isn’t quite as thrilling as the first time seeing the ODM gear in action, it is still pretty awesome to watch and Eren’s fighting style as a titan has become vastly more polished now that he’s a bit more trained and more self-aware.

Eren fighting Reiner - Attack on Titan Season Three Part Two Episode Two

As an episode, about the only issue is that it directly picks up from the previous one and leaves us hanging still in the midst of battle (and I suspect that’s going to be the MO for this season for awhile because it feels like this battle is going to take a lot to get through). Binge watching it would be awesome but waiting a week in between means very limited progress given I’m wondering if we even saw ten minutes of actual conflict play out. This doesn’t actually make this bad, but it is where seasonal watching is at a distinct disadvantage to those who wait for an anime to be completed.

Mikasa and Armin

Still impressed by Eren’s lack of shouting, fairly happy with how events are unfolding, and certainly keen to see what happens next. Attack on Titan’s third season definitely got me hooked back into the story and part two seems to be setting up a pretty spectacular battle here.

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Karandi James

6 thoughts on “Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 Review Episodes 1 + 2

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but in the first half of s3 your favorite parts were when Eren had zero to limited screen time, where the focus was on human vs human fighting. While reading this it doesn’t seem like you have an issue with the whole titan vs titan aspect of the show (it is AoT after all, titans are kind of the point) and Eren not screaming and whining is a godsend, but do you feel like this could all be “build up and fight!” with little gain?

    While it doesn’t seem like you’ve disliked these two episodes, is there something at the back of your mind that’s hoping more will happen outside of the scouts and titans and bring more to the show, or do you think this’ll become formulaic and succumb to its own shortcomings? (ie: character growth/shadowed characters, shock-and-awe leading to nothing in particular, titan powers save the day, etc.)
    Has the plot hit a wall for you at all or is it a steady progression you’re enjoying?

    1. I’m hoping to enjoy this season, though it kind of seems like they are settling in for an extended fight. Which will be fine if it is interesting and provides plot reveals, but could also just break down into lots of little duels, a lot of shouting, and very little progress at the end of the season. Right now, part one of season three has bought the franchise some good will from me and I’ll watch and look for the progress it might make, but I know how I felt at the end of season two and I was more or less ready to walk away from Attack on Titan. It don’t think it will take too many episodes of very little happening (outside of cool fight sequence) to put me back in the frame of mind that there are more interesting things to watch regardless of how cool the fighting is.

    1. I was kind of the opposite. I really enjoyed season three because it felt like the plot was finally moving forward and the world was getting filled in with details. There was enough action to break it up, but it got me back into the story. Hopefully part 2 continues to push the plot forward and brings us some more action.

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