Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 10: Choices Made

Attack on Titan Episode 10 - Kenny and Levi

Levi talks with Kenny and we see the life Kenny had and the choices he made before they crown Historia. While not a lot actually happens this episode of Attack on Titan it is a nice pause to fill in some gaps and prepare us for what is coming next.

Attack on Titan Episode 10 - Kenny facing Uri

Kenny had a colourful past and seeing his confrontation with the true king before he became his follower was an interesting experience. While it is still hard to really understand what makes Kenny tick, that’s kind of the point because Kenny himself is confused by some of the choices he made along the way. And that makes his hesitation to use the needle make a lot of sense, that and he clearly didn’t want to become a brainless titan but also didn’t want to die.

Attack on Titan Episode 10

Likewise this episode gave us some insight into Levi but there’s still so much to the character that just hasn’t been explained which keeps him interesting enough. He’s a character that has had a fairly big impact on the story but very little is really known about him from watching the anime so these small moments where we see his past are appreciated as they help to flesh out the picture a bit more.

Attack on Titan Episode 10

Historia’s crowning ceremony was what you would expect and really all I wanted to know was why the people are so easily lead around. Last week they were berating the scouts and the military and being belligerent about having to evacuate and now they are singing the praises of Historia because she happened to land one blow on a titan that had already been blown apart by Eren and the other Scout’s efforts. I get what they are going for with the masses but it really is depressing to watch sometimes.

Lastly, we finally catch up with the guys who left the scouts after confessing to being titans and they’ve crossed paths with the beast titan. While a bit of context for this encounter might be nice, they do nicely set up a future obstacle for Eren and the others to face.


So all and all this episode was pretty satisfying as it wrapped up some story threads, reignited others, and more or less consolidated things that needed it so that we’re ready to move on. The question is, what will we move on to and will it be as satisfying as this last arc was?

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6 thoughts on “Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 10: Choices Made

  1. Good point about Historia. I guess the people in the show are intrinsically more willing to be lead by a cute girl rather than any competent politician (it’s an anime after all). What if some random homeless person would’ve finished the titan – would he be the new king? But yeah, participation in the fighting does add some points on the list why Historia can claim the crown.

  2. I need to get to where you are in the series because the once a week catching it on Toonami has me feeling lukewarm on season 3. That and the dubbed dialogue makes me twitch. Hope to the dragons that after this computer overhaul, I can get the anime!

  3. That last question is a very good one to ask indeed. I was also a bit confused about the last segment, but I’m pretty sure that’s what it was supposed to do in the first place. While this episode certainly wasn’t the best in the season, it really did fill in some blanks, and as such it was a satisfying episode. Well…and now we wait what will happen next! 😊

    1. I’m a little worried given I did enjoy the first half of season 1 of Attack on Titan but found it lost momentum during the second half. This show doesn’t have a great track record for consistency.

      1. That is true. I felt the same during that season. There was a great pace in that first arc, and in the second it felt at least during the first few episodes that they had trouble finding the right way to continue the story. Fingers crossed this doesn’t happen now! 😊

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