Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 9



I really enjoyed this episode and then I got to the end and realised that these four characters literally sat in the trees and shouted at each other for pretty much the entire run time and in the process, other than realising that Reiner really had lost his grip on reality, almost nothing was learned about what was going on or why. Then I realised pretty much all my enjoyment this episode came from either characters telling Eren what I’ve really wanted to tell Eren for some time:

Or from Ymir and Eren’s reactions to figuring that Reiner really was just a little bit off:

By the end of the episode the scouts are riding toward the forest and Ymir has decided to throw in with Reiner rather than Eren (though I’m guessing that’s only while it’s in her best interest) and we are done. I did still enjoy this episode but really pretty much nothing happens.

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14 thoughts on “Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 9

  1. Loved your first sentence. I kinda applaud them for making an episode where we find out nothing so entertaining though. You’re also right about characters telling Eren some hard truths about himself. I doubt he really listened though – he seemed to be lost to his own rage…again.

    1. Eren is definitely not good at self reflection, empathy, or growth. Still, it was satisfying just hearing someone say it to me outright because Mikasa is often not direct enough and Armin for some reason likes Eren. I’m never going to understand why.

        1. Possibly, but I don’t even get why young Armin liked hanging out with Eren other than the fact that Eren didn’t beat him up for being odd.

          1. I don’t know for sure but from some of the flashbbacks, it could be as simple as Eren being the first to not only defend Armin but also the first to really listen to him about going outside the walls and stuff?

            At least that’s what may have cemented their friendship. The hanging out may have started for simpler reasons. I don’t actually know how kid friendships work-I kinda sucked at that.

  2. Haha, you really don’t like Eren do you lol 😂 I can relate. He is definitely at times a bit dense, okay skip that, pretty much all the time. I just responded to D’s review for this episode that I agree with what you said about the second half of season 1. This season seems to be heading into that same territory. It is still enjoyable, but the pacing that is going on right now seems to be completely different from what happened in the first part of this season. I do hope we are going to get some answers by the time this season is finished, but seeing how many episodes are left, I fear for the worst. Still…I did enjoy the episode as well, and even though not much of anything happened the shouting match between Reiner and Eren was worth it 😀

    1. Attack on Titan is really just odd in that it can be so amazing and yet so flawed sometimes at exactly the same time. The things it does well it does well conistently but pacing and characterisation aren’t the things it does well.
      And you are right in that given the episodes left it is unlikely that we’re going to have a satisfying end to the season. I’ll be happy with a decent fight sequence though I don’t even know who I would want to see fighting at this point.

  3. You know an episodes done a good job when it manages to entertain you, and make you forget during the process that nothing much is actually going on. Also Erin did a REALLY GOOD JOB at suppressing his emotions. Like, wow.

    1. I want to know why Eren didn’t ask the obvious questions and wait for an answer. Why did you break the wall? Why have you been playing soldier for the last however many years? Why are you taking me with you now? Really frustrating episode to reflect on when you realise all the things that could have been said that weren’t.

      1. I was having to much fun poking fun at him, that I didn’t even think about that. Wow. What a missed opportunity Granted It probably isn’t and that’s just how they elongate the story, and lead up to some bigger grander reveal… that we wont be seeing anytime soon probably. sigh…….

        1. I think even if he’d asked he probably wouldn’t have gotten an answer that made sense. Reiner is off in his own little split world and Bertholt isn’t exactly chatty.

          1. Very true. Lazy writing, or is Erin really just that dumb? I would say maybe he let his emotions get to him, but at the same time, he goes and brings up when they initially attacked the wall anyway, so…

          2. It’s this sort of thing that keeps me from being a huge fan of this show. I really enjoy it at times and get swept up in the grandiose nature of some of the plot and fights, but then the characters open their mouths and so much of what they say just leaves me wondering why they bother.

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