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This episode spent a bit of time trying to remind us that there are other characters in this story that have relevance (you know, like people who are actually in charge of things and aren’t just new recruits), but mostly they were just relaying information about stuff we’d already viewed, planning, or, in Levi’s case, delivering thinly veiled threats.


Then we spend some time flashing back to the ‘good old days’ where Mikasa was always rescuing Eren after he threw himself into a situation he clearly couldn’t deal with. I love the nostalgia lens they put on those days like starvation, bullying, and public brawls are something we should look back on fondly. And this is a very optimistic assessment of Eren’s character. I forget sometimes that he is supposed to be the protagonist so other characters in the show view him through that lens.


Anyway, the upshot of all of this is the Scouts are heading out to get Eren back or take out the other titans, or who actually knows what they really want. Mikasa and Armin will work to get Eren back. Christa is only tagging along for Ymir. Their motives are clear if a little stuck in tunnel vision mode and missing the slightly bigger picture.

I didn’t dislike this episode, but it really did feel like we were just waiting. Waiting for the horses, for the scouts to recover, for reinforcements and then for the pursuit to begin.

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9 thoughts on “Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 8

  1. Season 2 looks and sounds so good. We still can’t watch season 2 over here. We’re still in the anime stone age. I probably won’t be able to watch it for another year or 2, but definitely putting it on my “To watch” list.

  2. I did like seeing tiny Eren, Armin and Mikasa running around. Hannes’ comment that they still haven’t changed much does try to evoke some nostalgia but I think that worked more for the characters than us viewers. On the whole, I found the brawl in the flashback kinda hilarious, which is probably not what they were going for.

  3. This was the first episode this season that I found to be…okay, not particularly bad, but not great either. Still, I guess after all the action last week, I could not blame the series for taking a bit of a breather. I agree with Psychime’s comment above though. What was up with that eating scene? If it’s purpose was to have the characters look badass while eating a brick of food, it achieved quite the opposite effect lol. Still, next weeks’s episode will probably have a lot of tension again. Can’t wait for the weekend to start 😊

    1. Maybe it just tastes really bad and it is a test of courage to even bite it?
      I kind of ignored the eating scene because I wasn’t overly impressed with their attempt to build nostalgia.

  4. So no mention of that ridiculous eating scene? I swear I got to that and I just couldn’t stop smiling. They took it so seriously it was fucking hilarious.

    This episode was pretty bad for me. A lot of bullshit, a lot of “where’s Eren?” “Show me where Eren is!” “What did you do to my precious Eren?!” and not even any action to gloss over it.

    This show is so ludicrous sometimes I wish it was a self aware comedy.

    1. I think ludicrous works for this show. It is a big, over the top action anime with all the gore and overwrought emotions. It is episodes likes this one that try to bring in the friendship and other aspects that fall a little short. Still, I’ve actually really been enjoying season 2, so I’m hoping next episode things pick back up.

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