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Well, we’re back to fighting though as usual I have to wonder how much gas they actually have and what that translates to in terms of combat time. Mikasa seems to endlessly fly about and other than the one time where she lost her mind a bit, she’s never seemed to run out. She did at least run out of blades through her futile hacking at the armoured titan’s neck and Armin’s handed over his spares. Let’s be honest, Armin is not getting into this fight anyway.


The fight is pretty fun to watch, though like with a lot of the fights toward the end of season 1, this one is heavily interspersed with flash back and once again Annie’s training of Eren (or beating him up during training) comes to the rescue. There’s plenty that could be said about all of those relationships but I actually want to focus in on Eren because his character is what actually stops me from really loving this show.

Once again we’re subjected to his inner monologue and seriously it sounds like we are listening to a petulant 12 year old who has been sent to his room. The blame, the over generalisations, the lack of any kind of introspection, it all just get’s on my nerves.


That isn’t to say that Eren hasn’t had terrible things happen to him. Nor is it to say that Reiner and Bertholdt aren’t to blame for some of those given they did in fact break the wall leading to Eren’s mother’s death. But still, humans have done some pretty dreadful things and just because this dreadful thing happened to Eren, he makes grandiose statements and villainizes them as the worst in all humanity.

So while I enjoyed this episode, part of me wanted the armoured titan to pound some sense into Eren’s head and make him stop his monologues for awhile. Then of course, we end on a cliff hanger, almost literally, as the colossal titan is falling off the wall to land strategically somewhere unfortunate for Eren.

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7 thoughts on “Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 7

    1. That seems to be the case. I’d love there to be a bit more consistency on that one though because sometimes it runs out super fast for some characters and other characters seem to use it like it is never going to end.

  1. Eren’s monologue did go a bit overboard this time around but I liked that flashback that came before he started yelling about traitors. I’m still extremely biased in favor of the guy though.

    The cliffhanger (wallhanger?) is very cruel and I’m curious about how Bertolt is going to fall on them without hurting Reiner as well as Eren. Can’t really remember that from the manga either.

  2. Well, I guess, looking back on it, Eren’s monologue was a bit over the top. But then again, I loved this episode so much, that I looked past it. The fight was really incredible, and the cliffhanger for this week was seriously annoying (how can they end it on such a point lol). I really love this season so far, can’t help it. I find it unfortunate that we only have a few more episodes to go….but oh well, it is what is 😊

    1. I’m not so worried about it ending soon but I would like to know when the next continuation is planned and hopefully it isn’t four years away.

  3. Best line was: “Gimme that neck!. I cracked up because I wasn’t expecting it! XD.
    Grab some popcorn guys, because this season only gets crazier!

  4. I agree with your opinion about Eren’s monologue; it got soooo annoying after he said the same line five times!
    Also, the ending for the episode made me so upset because the last frame was right when the Colossal Titan was about to possibly devour Eren and the Armored Titan!! Gosh, I literally screamed and jumped out of my chair with that ending! X’D
    Overall, though, the episode was AMAZING and I think the season is going to be excellent.

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