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For a little bit this episode you would have to ask the question of who are the main characters in this show supposed to be. Not that following Ymir and Christa around during a training exercise way back when wasn’t fun, except that the whole way through I just kept thinking they were making me like these characters right before killing them… You know, the way this show has had a history of doing all the way along. Though, Sasha survive post flashback, at least for now, so I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt.

Anyway, once the flashback is done we’re back at the tower and Ymir is really tearing through the titans but superior numbers being what they are it doesn’t last. However, the Scouts have finally arrived and Eren even gets a kill while in human form. It is almost an anti-climactic end except that the show still feels the need to twist the knife in the final few minutes.

So the recruits that have survived have finally been reunited with the other scouts, we have a whole bunch of questions about new titans, where the titans came from if not a hole in the wall, Christa, Ymir, weird langauges, and we still don’t know what is in the basement… Okay. No possible way for this to get dealt with in the episodes remaining so I’m just going to settle for hoping we get one step closer to having a clue what is actually going on in this very messed up world.

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9 thoughts on “Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 5

  1. I really enjoyed this episode a lot, but I do wonder about the same thing. I think that by the end of this season, we might be left with a lot of questions. Then again, next episode’s preview seems to start with providing some answers. As for the characters, I still have high hopes that Ymir might survive. There has been enough death this season so far…so maybe this time we may we get lucky (then again we are talking about Attack on Titan here 😂).

        1. Probably. They did spend a lot of time building him up as a protagonist in season 1. It would feel a little wasted if they did go and kill him now.

  2. I’m holding out hope for these characters because I’ve kinda gotten attached.
    But this season has definitely been piling on the questions without really giving any answers. I’m just hoping we learn something from Ymir or the priest dude (since they have Christa now) before another 3 year long for the next seaon 😂

    1. That would be excellent if we get any answers. I’m not expecting them to wrap things up nicely this season (that seems unrealistic all things considered), but just one or two actual answers would be nice just to prove that they have a clue where this is going.

      1. Exactly. Even if they reveal half an answer that gives some sort of clues and direction to something else, I’ll be happy.

  3. No one’s dead yet so we can still have hope.

    If this really is just one cour, then there’s no was any of the most important questions will be answered. But hopefully, it’ll end on a semi-satisfying note like in s2.

    1. I’ll settle for semi-satisfying though eventually this show will have to answer something so it better not be another 4 years before we get a part 3.

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