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Okay, I’m still kind of annoyed that we don’t know what’s up with the Beast Titan (but hey, there’s a nice tease at the end of the episode in case we forgot he was supposed to be significant), we don’t know what’s in Eren’s basement, we don’t know why some Titans can shift and some can’t and why eating someone transferred that power to Ymir, but credit where it is due, they did answer something in this final episode of season 2.

Levi, I totally agree with this point given the speed of reveals compared to the speed of the deaths in this show.

The episode began with the smiling titan advancing on Eren and Mikasa. Hannes swoops in to save them and after putting up quite a good show manages to die heroically and bloodily right in front of Mikasa and Eren (because those two need more trauma in their lives). This actually led to a fairly nice moment of near silence. For a show that normally pelts us with sound from everything (horses, wind, capes, weapons, screams) the sudden silence was jarring and probably one of the most affective things it has done in terms of creating a moment. Still, hard to take Hannes’ death too seriously after watching some of the other deaths from other scouts. Why does this one smiling titan insist on splattering the surrounds with blood and gore while others manage to eat in a way that looks like they belong in a Saturday morning cartoon?

This is the cartoon version – I will never stop laughing at this image.

But, I will say this for Eren. He is the type to never give up. He’ll just keep doing the same stupid thing over and over even when it doesn’t work. But he will get really angry with himself and need a pep-talk from Mikasa. And points to her, she actually seemed to be a real person for about two minutes in this episode with a real and genuine personality.

I’m totally overlooking the Ymir and Historia bit but to be honest they didn’t do anything with Christa/Historia. Ymir ultimately went with Reiner after a touching farewell, but weren’t the scouts looking for Christa as well because she knew something about the walls? Why didn’t they even hint at that later in the episode? We got confirmation about Connie’s village and Levi and Ervin now know what the audience has known for a few episodes that the titans inside the walls were the people from the village (did someone poison a well, or how does that happen?) but Christa’s story never gets mentioned.


So last point I’ll touch on is the actual answer we got. A while back Reiner mentioned that Eren was a coordinate (or might be) and we had no context for what that might have meant. This episode, we get to see just what that means even if Eren is too dumb to figure out what just happened. And I guess Reiner’s point of view about Eren having the coordinate is pretty understandable given Eren is not the person I’d want to entrust with that sort of power either.


Anyway, I now have to think back over the whole of this season and figure out where I stand on it. There have been some good moments but my overall impression is really mixed. I’ll write a full season review soon.

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17 thoughts on “Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 12

  1. When you list them out like that, this season’s ratio of questions to answers seem to be 10:1 or something. Maybe s3 will fix that, hopefully.

    And good point about Historia’s wall connection not being brought up. Maybe they didn’t want to end the reason by mentioning the next big arc but a reference to it would have been nice all the same.

    Looking forward to your full review.

    1. Some actual cohesion in the storyline would be nice given the scouts were originally heading to the tower to find Historia and then they found her but didn’t bother to ask her anything. Not one thing. No one even spoke to her about anything other than Ymir.
      Oh well. As you said, maybe season 3 will fix it, maybe it won’t. It isn’t as though this is bad, it just doesn’t manage to be consistently good.

    1. It was awesome, extremely epic. I was screaming in my room, jeez… Have never felt so much excited for a while but this last episode, really drove me nuts!

  2. Well, I honestly did enjoy this episode a lot, and overall had a good time during this season (even though we are still left with a lot of unanswered questions). That moment of silence after the death of Hannes was pretty touching I have to say. Even though I pretty much knew Hannes was going to die, it was still a pretty shocking moment in the end. Luckily we get another question at the end of the season: just who is that mysterious figure that stands on the shoulders of Monkey boy Titan (and yes we did not have enough questions yet lol 😂).
    I look forward to your review for the entire season. I am still debating whether or not I am going to do one myself. I might just go back to season 1, and start at the beginning, since I never reviewed that one. And it will be nice to see it again after a couple of revalations and flashbacks that happened during the second season 😊

    1. Hannes’ death was pretty well done even though I think we were all expecting it the minute he rode after Eren. There were a lot of good moments in this final episode and while Attack on Titan still has its issues, this was enough to keep me waiting for a third season.

  3. Oh, not sure if you want to know this, but most of the questions you have will be answered in the next season (well, it depends on how much it will adapt). I can’t really comment on the story and happenings, as I’m a manga reader, but I think the studio’s staff did a great job.

    1. At this point though the issue isn’t whethet they answer the questions at the end. It is more that they aren’t really being cohesive about the way they are putting all the plot points together. Stuff gets introduced and then isn’t mentioned or even hinted at again (or very rarely). Eren’s basement key is a good example of this. Even if season 3 comes back to it, this should have been mentioned, shown, remembered more often to keep it feeling like an actual plot thread rather than something that was significant for the moment and then forgotten in favour of everything else.
      As much fun as Attack on Titan can be (and it is very fun at times), there’s a lot of issues with how the story has been put together.

      1. I see, you’re right. That’s the downside of not watching it for the first time: I don’t get these subtle details (well, I would have probably missed them anyways).

        I don’t really remember if in the Manga it was mentioned, but in the Anime it definitely wasn’t brought up enough. I think this last episode did change a few things (probably the order though), so I may remember wrong and it actually was stated in the Manga.

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