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There were so many moments in this episode where I just had to stop the episode and ask what on earth they were doing. Admittedly, the first half of this second season seemed like it had finally taken the hint and was working to develop the world and characters as well as lead us toward some answers. It was really, really enjoyable and nicely done. This second half however has devolved into more or less the mess that the second half of season one fell into. Events occurring and then more events (with some shouting in between).

There’s only one episode left of this second season. At this point there is zero chance of anything happening to allow this to end well (or logically, sensibly, or satisfyingly) and that is a real shame. Unfortunately, they will always choose cool over substance in this plot and as a direct result we have a mess.


When did Attack on Titan start doing panels? I’m thinking back through all the previous episodes and when this style might have been used and I’m drawing an absolute blank. Why in the second last episode of the second season would you suddenly decide to do this? A more appropriate time to try this would have been back when Reiner pulled Eren aside to reveal he was a titan. A reveal of that magnitude would have deserved an artistically different choice and wouldn’t have felt as out of place as this moment did.

Then we have Mikasa revealing what we already knew. Her sole reason for existing in this anime and in this world is to save Eren. While I wouldn’t mind her wanting to save Eren while accomplishing other goals, her absolute single minded focus makes her an incredibly dull character. She doesn’t talk much, but she wastes what few words she has this episode on threats and lines you would expect a b grade villain to utter. Her absolute dismissal of the situation for the other characters also pretty much shuts down any possibility that we might find out their actual motives because you know, we still don’t know where they are going or why they are wanting Eren or Christa other than vaguely knowing they are going ‘home’ and that Christa knows something about the walls (not sure what), and Eren might be something but that point hasn’t been explained and yet:


Where did that come from? And why does everyone just buy that? Since when was Eren being held up as humanities only hope? So frustrated right now.


But hey, looks cool. Okay, some people will really enjoy this because we’re back to fast paced action for most of the second half of the episode and it is a cool fight (even if a lot of what is going on makes very little sense and once again a lot of the ‘extras’ get mowed down without drawing a weapon – aren’t these guys trained).Β  The titan throwing at the end was particularly cool to look at. But cool does not make for a good storyline and to be honest, the parts of the story I’m wanting to see kind of get buried here.

One more to go. I’d cross my fingers and hope for a worthwhile conclusion but I’d really hate to end up disappointed so at this stage I’ll just kind of hope for a really cool fight and maybe I’ll get that.

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19 thoughts on “Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 11

  1. I’ve been wondering where they’re going the entire *season*… They keep tossing things out, then zigging in a different direction only to zig back…

    1. That’s kind of a good description of Attack on Titan in general. Season one kept tossing different ideas out there but didn’t get to any of them. Season two has done much the same.

  2. You already know that I loved this episode but I can see why you’re dissatisfied. We really are headed towards a half-assed conclusion – this season really needed a second cour. I recall you mentioning an interest in some of the political conspiracies hinted at in s1? It’d have been nice to see that animated rather than end this at a rescue mission while leaving the viewers in the dark.

    As for Mikasa, I gotta admit that while I do want to see her grow, her batshit crazy mode is highly entertaining. I’d love to be able to glare like that.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the episode. I didn’t have any complaints about the action itself (other than the running Reiner while the scouts had a chat on top of him), but it all just felt like it was taking up time that this show doesn’t have, meanwhile the plot is just sitting off to the side waiting for another chance to actually go somewhere.

  3. I can definitely see where you’re coming from. I did enjoy this episode for what it was especially Mikasa’s death glare, that was something! πŸ˜‚And the titan throwing at the end was actually pretty cool.
    However, like you said, that’s all this episode really is. As far as answering questions go, this season just became messy without really giving any answers. The season started with the titans in the wall and we’re still nowhere close to answering that. We’ll just have to wait for next week to see where this season plans to end.

    1. The titans in the wall thing seemed like a really unnecessary complication to add at the start of the season, and given they haven’t really addressed it, I wonder if they could have just left it out. Then again, Christa/Historia’s entire significance is apparently she knows something so I guess that wouldn’t have worked. Still, they haven’t done anything with that plot point yet.

      1. Yeah that’s true. It was kind of relevant because of Christa but other than that, it played no other role. I’m beginning to feel like SnK would be really good as a long running anime rather than a seasonal one since the different plot points would come together better if it was a long anime. Who knows.

        1. Particularly with where they are leaving this season. If they could tell the fans it will resume in six months, most people would be okay with it, but because no one has any idea when the story might continue it is just kind of painful.

  4. I definitely see your points, as I said yesterday. The series really does leave you in the dark at the moment with so many as of yet unanswered questions. I don’t have hopes that they will be answered in the final episode either, but hey who knows, maybe the series throws a curveball at us.
    That said, I did enjoy this episode. I really liked seeing Mikasa going back into full on, crazy action mode. And the throwing of Titans at the end was one if the highlights fir this episode in my opinion (maybe it will turn into a new sport next season, who knows?). Well…all we have to do now is wait till next week and see how it ends (and then probably wait another decade for the next season to start airing lol πŸ˜‚).

    1. That number keeps going up. Some said two years, someone else said four, and now we’re waiting a decade. Not that you are wrong. Who knows when/if it will continue. Which is why having some answers (don’t need all but something) would be nice to end the season but I don’t think it is going to happen.
      Okay, the action and the titan throwing was kind of cool. It wasn’t what I was wanting but even I have to admit it was cool.

      1. Haha….well I was being sarcastic with the decade πŸ˜‚But seeing how long we had to wait for season 2, it might turn out to be the truth lol. Next year season 2 for Kabaneri is supposedly coming out. Even though it was a Attack on Titan clone, I still enjoyed it quite a lot, and it did not throw around a lot of mysteries/questions at us. So there us that.
        Well…who knows: next week we will find out the answer to that (or not I guess πŸ˜‰).

          1. Hmm….You might want to try and search in the app store for an app called Kissanime. I don’t know if you can find it (because every country seems to have it’s own apps), but on this app you are able to watch it. Hope this helps 😊

    1. That probably was the best emoting Mikasa has done in the entire two seasons. I don’t think we’d ever seen that many facial expressions on her in a single episode.

      1. I’ll agree to that I mean bretholdt was like totally squirming πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚he probably pissed in his pants ,all we can do is hope the final episode gives us non manga readers a few answers ,or I might probably end up as a dead mummy waiting for the next season πŸ˜‚

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