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I’m pretty sure I said this previously, but they are really stretching content now. Last episode they just hung around in the trees chatting without revealing a thing and this week they snatch Christa and run which essentially means other than Christa having been taken, nothing was accomplished because the scouts are still chasing the titans down trying to recover Eren.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we didn’t get a little bit more this week.


This is probably the first time they’ve actually addressed the issue of why they even want Eren in the first place and you know they aren’t even certain he’s the one they want. That would actually turn out to be pretty funny given they blew their cover and went to a lot of trouble to kidnap him and then it turns out, nope, just another person who can turn into a titan. And is the number of them starting to seem insane to anyone else? I mean, the implication this episode is that all of the titans are essentially people who’ve transformed and just lost sight of themselves (if you’ve read the manga and know the answer please don’t share, I’m just speculating based on the anime).

Eren continues to be my biggest problem with this series, though I did get a good laugh out of this sequence.

And then Reiner using unconscious Eren as a backpack was also pretty funny. Eren’s best look ever.


Though did anyone else find it weird how little attention Reiner was actually paying the trees as he was flying through them. Given the speed he was moving if he actually wasn’t looking forward my assumption would be he should have collided more than once during that sequence.

Anyway, I moved Attack on Titan back out of the ‘must watch’. It’s amazing how much fun I was having earlier in this series when it seemed like we were focussing on the background characters and the mysteries but since we’ve gone to fight, run, fight, run and having to put up with Eren front and centre again, my overall enjoyment of this show has dropped back to finding it fun enough but I could really take it or leave it. I actually read several reviews of this episode prior to viewing and previously I’d made sure to watch the episode before reading anything about it. This week, I didn’t really mind because I wasn’t really expecting much.

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13 thoughts on “Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 10

  1. The episode is a microcosm of the season really. Some interesting things happening sandwiched between a lot of exposition which we don’t know the impact of yet. This episode in particular did bring up more questions than answers and I agree that Eren scene was just hilarious. Just hope that we get an exciting finale to season 2.

  2. I think the problem at this point is that we have too many mysteries piling up and there are no answers in sight. Sure, it’ll be fun when it’s all finally revealed but until then, it’s going to be hard to keep track of every question that needs answering.

    1. True, I was thinking of doing a list of best moments from season 1 Attack on Titan, but maybe I should wait for the end of this season and do a list of unanswered questions. Or, maybe I should just do both because both lists would be kind of fun to write.

  3. I was reading this post at work during my lunchbreak, and I had to laugh so hard a few times that people were looking at me as if I had turned crazy (well more crazier than usual that is lol😂). Seriously loved this post, especially the bit you had a laugh at from Eren. Those two pictures were priceless. So… I am not the only one who thought that Reiner should have crashed into a tree during that sequence. I really found it odd. It reminded me a bit of the speederbike sequence in Return of the Jedi lol😂
    I did not dislike this episode but as I said earlier today over on D’s blog, Attack on Titan is beginning to feel a bit like the tv series Lost. The show is giving us more and more questions, without providing many answers. I’m still enjoying it, but with only a few more episodes to go, I’m afraid we will be left with a lot of questions that will go unanswered when this season ends….

    1. Lost probably is a good comparison and I dropped that midway through season 2 when I came to the conclusion the writers were lost and hadn’t really thought it through. Once it finished, I watched the end of it and realised that while they desperately tried to tie everything together there were just too many mysteries for them to solve and so many points just got forgotten. Hoping Attack on Titan doesn’t go that path.

  4. The whole episode basically cemented the suspicions of Titans being humans and the whole deal with Ymir’s backstory (which for some reason you never really expounded much on this article, hiding spoilers?) has shed some light into the whole universe in general.

    Ymir described to spend the majority of his life as a mindless titan but got her humanity restored when she met Reiner and Berholdt. This could mean the same for the titans that are hostile to humanity right now. Maybe they just haven’t got the right triggers to restore their humanity.

    I’m planning to make an analysis comparing the visual of the ending theme and the latest events in Attack on Titan.

    Great read though! T’was entertaining to go in the idea that Eren might not be what their looking for and thus the whole show they just threw around was all for naught.

    1. I didn’t go into Ymir’s backstory because I didn’t want to put a spoiler warning on the post (too many of those for my My Hero Academia posts at the moment) and the fact that I’m not sure how significant any of that was because we weren’t given much context for the events that occurred or how relevant they are to what is going on now. Mostly, I’m still confused.

  5. Speaking as someone who has read up to Volume 15 of the manga, I have to say that this portion of the story was going to be difficult to translate into anime, because there’s a lot of talking and exposition and not much in the way of action. Hopefully, there will be a third season, because at the point I’m at now in the manga, it’s gotten a lot more interesting again.

    1. I wouldn’t mind the talking and exposition if it felt like it was going somewhere but this is all just kind of going around the edges of actually telling us anything which means we’re listening to dialogue that might become important but is mostly just filling in time.

    1. It would be fine them not giving us information if they were giving us something suitable to replace it but these episodes haven’t been exciting enough to really justify a lack of answers.

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