Attack on Titan Review Season Three Part Two Episode 9


Grim Reveals and Grimmer Futures


Attack on Titan Season 3B Episode 9

With one episode left to go the one thing I am sure of is that it won’t be enough. For most of this season Attack on Titan has been hitting us hard with reveals and pushing the plot ever forwards and now it really feels like we’ve finally gotten somewhere just as the curtain is about to close. It has been a great ride, one filled with a plethora of emotions, but knowing it is soon to end fills me with worry that perhaps we’ll have another extended break before this continues or that we’ll lose momentum again.


Grisha’s story continues as he sits on the wall and learns the Owl’s story and his plans. This is broken up through cuts to Eren, Mikasa and Armin and there are some stunning reveals such as a very finite time limit on those who can become titans. This news seems to rattle Mikasa like nothing else has and it is an enemy she won’t be able to fight.

You tell us this now?

Combine that bombshell with the idea that all of the subjects of Ymir are potentially connected and memories seem to be flowing forward and backwards through time and there’s a lot to digest from this episode.

I did appreciate Historia’s return given since the end of season three part one they’ve kind of benched her and while she didn’t do much here, just knowing she’s still hanging around is nice. The letter from Ymir to Historia was also a touching kind of moment and one that broke up the doom and gloom a little bit at least.


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Still, the overall situation hasn’t changed. The scouts have been all but annihilated and while they took down the Colossal Titan, the Beast Titan and Armoured Titan are still alive and kicking. They are still in a walled city surrounded by titans and they are still on the verge of extinction. Under the circumstances it doesn’t really feel like knowing the score is going to help them overcome any of these issues, but at least it clarifies how they got into this mess in the first place.


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5 thoughts on “Attack on Titan Review Season Three Part Two Episode 9

  1. Even if the other titans just up and quit or Eren gets his control voice figured out, I don’t see one episode doing the job. Maybe, they’ll just say, “And they soldiered on with less fear and with greater hope for their future. The end.”

    1. Yeah, there’s definitely a to be continued looming over this series. It has been a lot of fun but we’re going to be left hanging, again.

  2. I enjoyed the read. The knowledge they have obtained about how this mess all started is great bc since they aren’t in the dark anymore they know how to take their next step. It’s better to have knowledge on the enemy before going into battle. Also, let’s not forget the big secret Eren is keeping about how to use the The Founding Titan’s Coordinate power. That is a huge game changer but now they have to figure out how to implement all of this.

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