Attack on Titan Review Season Three Part Two Episode 10


At Last, The Sea

Armin sees the sea

Attack on Titan S3 P2 Episode 10

It is rare that I feel Eren is being the realist of the group, but this final episode of season three, part two of Attack on Titan really shows how grounded he has become after repeated tragedies. No longer the shouting optimist who believes he can impose his will on the world by screaming it loud enough, he’s closer now to someone who has given up but is going through the motions. Still, there’s hope yet and this episode gives us something we so rarely see and that is the characters of Attack on Titan genuinely smiling.

Well, in season one and two I’d have agreed with Floch.

So let’s back up to the beginning of the episode. With all the new knowledge they’ve gained there was definitely the question of what they would do with that information. Historia made the decision to tell the people the truth, or at least Grisha’s account of it, and the information went out. However, as I observed last episode, that doesn’t change much for the average person just living day to day and the reactions of the public made sense. It was kind of a shame that this part was not lingered on longer but there was a lot to get through this episode so I kind of understand it.


The survivors of the Scouts all have mixed views on the last campaign and the decision to save Armin. While they probably shouldn’t b airing these publicly, the problem is that none of these characters are technically wrong in their argument. The situation sucked and so many lives were lost that no matter what they gained it is really impossible to believe this was a success.


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Yet a success is needed and medals are awarded. The ceremony is suitably full of pomp and ceremony and they are clearly still connecting Eren and Historia though I guess we’ll wait until next season to find out where that is going, if anywhere.


Then we time skip and the scouts are finally heading out into the big wide world and at last make it to the sea. Unlike every other season of Attack on Titan, this felt like an amazing achievement and a great stopping point for a season. A goal set up since early season one finally achieved and while there are plenty of obstacles still to overcome, it really feels like this is the journey we’ve waited on.

Sometimes you forget how young these characters are.

A really delightful ending to a series that has really come back strong this season.

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11 thoughts on “Attack on Titan Review Season Three Part Two Episode 10

  1. Attack on titan season 3 was amazing!!!! I look forward for the season 4….the moment when you realised that the titans are humans and also victims omg…i didnt really know how to react to that but seeing eren caressing a Titan and saying that it was one of their fellow compatriot i could not believe my eyes and ears!!!!! Eren was so enraged that his rage didnt make him think strategically he did stupid things which killed a lot of people now he has become more mature and i like it!

    1. Eren has definitely grown up a lot. It has been a great character growth that makes sense given what he has gone through.

  2. It’s come back very very strong. After the mess that was season 2, I wasn’t expecting much but I was so pleasantly and even sadly at some points surprised. The ending was so morose but fitting as you mentioned. It’ll be curious to see how things get wrapped up.

  3. AOT S3 was hands down the best anime of the season. I’m dying for season 4. There are still Titans to be slain, a whole new world to explore and actual international relations to establish.

    1. Yes, while this season felt like it filled in a lot of gaps and moved the plot forward, it left so many possibilities for where the story could go. It will be interesting to see what happens next. I know people who read the manga already know, but I’m enjoying finding out as the anime progresses (or at least I have this season).

  4. Seeing Armin grin and Mikasa act girly– she literally said “eep” — was so beautiful!! Thanks for the review. And yeah, Eren has changed a lot.

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