Assassins Pride Episodes 5 + 6 Review

Assassins Episode 5 6

The Tournament Ends

Over two episodes of Assassins Pride we see the tournament begin with some training montages and stills thrown in, then the tournament ends and we go to episode 6 where the girls all throw a pyjama party that promptly gets interrupted by a ‘witch’. I’m going to be brutally honest and say that I found these two episodes incredibly dull and just hard to get through with my attention frequently drifting off.


The tournament could have been potentially interesting with an infiltrator, the ongoing feud in the Angel’s family, or even just Melida and her cousin finally coming to an agreement but not one of those aspects actually had enough time or attention to really leave an impact and ultimately the whole thing resolved before you even realised you were supposed to care it was happening. And why does the school not seem to care that their tournament was interfered with? They just voted on a winner and wrapped things up as if nothing happened.


But at least that episode made some kind of sense in the grander narrative. Episode 6 was more Assassins Pride seeming to give up any pretence of its more dramatic or potentially serious story telling and it did a full dive into school girl comedy as the two schools held an unofficial closing party after hours where the girls dressed in their PJ’s sat around eating biscuits and telling ghosts stories before being attacked by a ‘witch’. It was utterly pointless and pretty dull from start to finish.

Meanwhile, Kufa has gone from being an incredible bad-ass assassin to cameo appearance side-character who does very little and gets little screen time. His few interactions with Melida over these two episodes are pretty standard and dull and there’s almost no combat in sight. Also, who the hell sits in bed wearing a button up shirt and tie?

This looks so awkward.

As we hit the halfway mark with this one I’m getting close to pulling the plug as there was just nothing in these two episodes that suggested that this anime had any intention of developing some of its more interesting ideas. But worse than that, it was boring. Hopefully episode 7 will pick things up a bit or otherwise this one may be a late drop for the season.

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