Assassins Pride Episode 4 Review

Assassins Episode 4

You Are The Chosen One

You know how in Harry Potter his name came out of the Goblet of Fire even though he claimed he hadn’t put it in there and everyone was all down on him for sneaking his name in? Well, imagine doing the same thing only with stained glass and dwelling on it for less than a minute and no one in authority seemingly caring about the fact that the school representatives were so clearly swapped out. Here we are at episode 4 of Assassins Pride and I’m really starting to wonder how the title is even vaguely relevant at this point.


This week a tournament between two schools is about to begin with a lock-down of the school for seven days (nothing could go wrong with that idea). However, there’s so much surprise (for about a minute) when the curtain is pulled to reveal that Elise Angel and Melida Angel will be the school’s representatives.

Person who was probably supposed to represent the school.

Turns out it is just Elise’s maid wanting to flaunt Elise’s superiority once again, but that just turns the viewer’s attention firmly on Elise. As a character she really isn’t good. While she’s certainly lived under a lot of pressure and is clearly timid by nature, her every word and action seems to drag down the pace and tone of the show. The non-rivalry between the two girls, despite everyone else seeming to want a rivalry, just takes us back to the same point over and over again with Elise being all apologetic or self-sacrificing and Melida feeling bad that Elise is somehow looking down on her while trying to help her.

Outside of the very clever plot to reveal the maid’s underhanded deeds (not really, Kufa just pretended to have found evidence when he didn’t and she ‘fessed up instantly), Kufa also has to deal with someone from his organisation coming to question his report. It’s the guy who sets fire to paper to speak and honestly it seems like a round-a-bout communication method at best. However, it does give us our only real action of the episode.


Anyway, overall this episode was middling. It actually wasn’t bad by the standards set by the previous ones, but it also does nothing to overall raise my opinion of how this one is playing out. The story feels messy with a lot of extraneous ideas being shoved on top of what could have been a reasonably simple and much stronger narrative about Melida growing into her power.

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