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Assassins Episode 2

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Assassins Pride continues to have some good moments and some good ideas scattered throughout what is otherwise a fairly uninspiring second episode. That said, I’m having more fun with this anime than I thought I would after the first episode and those good moments are probably going to be enough to keep me watching even if this anime doesn’t end up delivering.


Despite some concerns about Kufa as a character in episode 1, I do like the dynamic forming between him and Melida as he takes his role as her instructor quite seriously. I wish he would stop ominously internally carrying on a monologue about how his life and hers depends on X,Y,Z because to be honest if he isn’t going to properly explain the threat then he’s just being irritating. However, when he’s giving Melida advice or trying to boost her confidence, there’s some solid chemistry developing.


Melida, for her part, remains not entirely a damsel in distress or the suddenly awakened over-powered MC. She’s got to learn to use her mana now that she has it and while it is clear her solid work ethic up until now is of great benefit in getting some fairly rapid results, she isn’t going to instantly overcome all trials. Still, she’ll overcome enough that we do get a fairly satisfying moment in this episode.

Honestly, there’s a lot about the world and the premise that remains sketchy at best though that might get filled in later. The thing is though, that if those distracting elements weren’t there then we would have a fairly solid but much simpler story playing out. Possibly it will become worthwhile later but I just feel the balance in this story is a little off at the moment.

That and the fight scene are kind of hideous.

But, it is kind of easy to watch and I have been enjoying the interactions between the main characters. I’m kind of up for more of this story even if it does end up tying itself into a knot and strangling any kind of logic. Let’s hope it doesn’t do that.

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