Assassination Classroom Episode 46






Well, you were warned.




They killed him. I’m sitting here, still slightly trembling and fighting the urge to cry, again, and just trying to take in that they actually did it. That shouldn’t be so surprising given it’s a show about trying to kill the teacher, but… you know you just keep expecting them to not actually do it. Even in this excessively slow and overly sentimental, highly contrived episode where the build up to the assassination is dragged out as long as humanly possible, you just keep thinking it isn’t going to happen.

And yet despite the pace and the fact that you can clearly see that they are just tugging as hard as they can on your heart strings, this episode was still absolutely affectively and totally unforgettable.

The show isn’t finished airing yet, and I don’t know what they plan to do next episode and I pretty much don’t care (though if they try to undo the events of this episode or cheapen it I will be furious). This anime has now earned it’s spot as one of my favourite series. Anything that can make me laugh and cry and actually care about the cast that much has to be on that list.

Once it’s done, I’ll fully review and I will reflect upon the flaws of the series but this was the episode I was waiting for.

And yeah, my 100 words were gone awhile ago.

Assassination Classroom is available on AnimeLab.

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