Assassination Classroom Episode 43


This episode started where the last left off, with E Class goofing around on end of year activities. However, this week we rapidly took a turn for the serious when the government finally decided to make their move. And it was more effective than expected which has actually left us some room to wonder if Kuro Sensei might actually be in danger this time.

That’s been one of the problems of the show. Kuro Sensei is so unbeataqble it is hard to get emotionally invested in any of the plots against him, which is why the student characterisation and personal stories have had to be so affective. However, as we draw toward the end, there does need to be at least the suspicion that perhaps Kuro will lost and this episode has done that brilliantly.

So, will the students save him? Will the government simply fail? The episode ends making you want to know so we’ll all tune back in next week to find out.

Assassination Classroom is available on AnimeLab.

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