Assassination Classroom Episode 40


Kuro-Sensei, shut up.

That’s really it. This was the perfect match off between Karma and Nagisa and everything was beautifully conveyed through their actions and thoughts. We did not need to be continuously dragged from the tension by Kuro’s cheap narration. While I have thought this previously, it has never annoyed me as much as it did this episode. I really just wanted to embrace the conflict and the characters and felt like there was that annoying kid in the cinema who just wouldn’t be quiet.

Otherwise, great episode and good resolution to the kill or not kill debate.

Assassination Classroom is available on AnimeLab.

One thought on “Assassination Classroom Episode 40

  1. I had no issue with Koro-sensei’s commentary, it’s just to be expected really.

    The fight was so rad though! You can tell they put a lot into it because the latest episode was lower in quality and had less going on. It was a well directed and well animated battle.

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