Assassination Classroom Episode 39


The students in E Class have a new teacher; one who is threatening to destroy the world. That is, unless they can assassinate him before graduation.


These last two episodes have been amazing. It really feels like the story is coming together, information is revealed that was long over-due and it feels like the home stretch is fast approaching. More importantly, Karma is back. He’s been there the whole time but during season 2 his true personality has been completely downplayed and his role minor at best. Karma and Nagisa coming into opposition brings Karma back into full sarcastic and slightly sadistic style and makes for some great viewing.

Assassination Classroom is available from Anime Lab.

5 thoughts on “Assassination Classroom Episode 39

  1. Ya AssClass is doing really good, the last episode was awesome, really great conflict arising, especially cool to see Karma go against Nagisa. You’re right, Karma finally came back to the spotlight, I think he’s one of the strongest characters in the show.

    1. He used to be but he really has been on break recently. So glad to see him shining again and hoping that this continues as he really brings a lot to the show. Thanks for your comment.

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